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jp maimai deluxe UNiVERSE PLUS

maimai deluxe UNiVERSE PLUSmaimai deluxe UNiVERSE PLUS is released today. The latest upgrade of the rhythm game from Sega brings new popular songs in POPS & ANIME, Vocaloid, Touhou Project categories and new collaborations. The first new collaboration will be held with Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S until May 12th. You can get in-game rewards such as tour members, Nameplates and Frames.

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jp Pokemon Corogarena

Pokemon CorogarenaPokemon Corogarena starts operation today. This is a new medal game with video game parts from Sega. You start the game with a Pikachu and you roll a virtual dice. Pikachu makes a number of steps determined by the dice. If he stops on a Get spot, you will meet different Pokemon that you can catch with Pokeball. When you get a party of 6 Pokemon, you enter the Battle Mode. When you win a battle, you get a bonus roulette that gives you various bonus including encountering Mew and Mewtwo.

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jp Konami unveils Chase Chase Jokers

Konami unveils Chase Chase JokersChase Chase Jokers is a new action game from Konami that will be released this year. A location test is held this week-end. This a 3vs3 games where players are divided into two groups, humans and Oni, and compete against each other. The two teams compete in a maze to collect keys and avoid being touched by their opponents. The cabinet features a thumbstick to control the characters. There are different kinds of buttons. 3 colored buttons: action, jump and slide. 1 big white: camera move and a "Skill" button to activate skills when you became an Oni There is a touch screen that allows chatting. All the characters are fully voiced.

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jp QuizKnock STADIUM

QuizKnock STADIUMQuizKnock STADIUM is out today. This is a virtual quiz game from Konami developed in collaboration with QuizKnock, a knowledge group from the University of Tokyo. Players can enjoy a Dream Challenge in which up to 99 players compete online, as well as Survival Live, in which they can compete against players from all over Japan in various quiz formats. All questions are read out loud by QuizKnock's Takuji Izawa using the latest text-to-speech technology, providing a realistic quiz show-like experience.

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DANCE aROUNDKonami releases DANCE aROUND, the successor to its former dance game DanceEvolution, today. DANCE aROUND uses a pair of cameras to track the player's movements and compare them to those of the avatar. The game displays special markers that tell players to repeat the previous action or perform a mirror position. There are three game modes: Training (you can play for six minutes without a song limit), Light (you can play two songs with the first one up to LEVEL 6) and Normal (you can play two songs without LEVEL limit and if you pass both songs and your total score exceeds 200 points, you can go to the EXTRA stage). You can also choose between two different avatar styles, which are displayed during the game. In the NORMAL style, the avatar on the screen dances as it is modelled. Beginners can therefore easily have fun dancing by simply imitating the avatar's movements. The Performance style is for those who want to move freely with their own original choreography. Only the player's arm and leg tracks are displayed in the centre of the screen, and the avatar reflects the player's movements in real time in the preview window. Unlike DanceEvolution, which used realistic avatars, the avatars in DANCE aROUND are anime-style characters.

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uk EAG International 2022 opens today

EAG International 2022 opens todayToday the 2022 edition of the EAG International amusement trade show opens in the English capital. After one online edition, it's time to meet again! As usual, it will be the occasion to test the latest arcade novelties from the biggest manufacturers. Let's have a look at the biggest exhibitors; Sega Amusements will once again have a huge stand with all kinds of new amusment games. Video games include the 2-player deluxe version of Mission: Impossible Arcade, VR Agent, Jet Blaster and the standard version of ATV Slam. In redemption, Men In Black and Jumanji will be featured. On Bandai Namco Amusement's side, the new Harley Quinn Mallet Mayhem, which is still in development, will be on display for everyone to try out and get an idea of what the machine will be like when it will be fully developed. There will also be Pac-Man Power Pellets from Bandai Namco Amusement but also Hungry Hungry Hippos from Adrenaline Amusements and SpongeBob Pirates from Andamiro. Electrocoin will also be present with the latest Stern pinballs like The Mandalorian but also Dance Dance Revolution A (Konami) and the latest Golden Tee Live Golf (Incredible Technologies). On Instance Automatics' stand, UNIS products will be present in number with titles such as Wicked Tuna (4-player fishing game), Elevator Action Invasion (shooting game) and Ultra Moto VR. Taito's On Point will also be present. Fans of dance games will be able to try out StepManiaX (Step Revolution) at the UDC booth. JNC Sales will come as usual with its refurbished second-hand games. EAG International is held at Excel London until Thursday, so don't hesitate to go there to discover all these new products.

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jp Mobile Suit Gundam Arsenal Base

Mobile Suit Gundam Arsenal BaseAnnounced in January 2021 and postponed several times to meet the demands of players, Gundam Arsenal Base is finally released today. It is already available in some game centres since February 17th. Gundam Arsenal Base is a game from Bandai's card game division. This is an RTS in which the player commands a unit of 5 mobile suit in order to destroy the mothership of his opponent. At the beginning of the game, MS and pilot cards can be purchased. The MS and pilot cards are inserted in 2 rows in the dedicated slots on the control panel with the MS on top and the pilot below. They are classified into 4 categories: Common, Rare, Master Rare and Perfect Rare. The player uses a touch screen to give orders, he does not directly control the MS so he has to build his team intelligently and get MS out of the base at the right time. The player has to take into account the type of pilot chosen and the abilities of the MS. There are three types of pilots: "annihilation" (priority to the attack), "suppression" (priority to the mothership and the base) and "defense" (priority to the base). There are also 3 types of MS: "short distance" (good for close combat), "long distance" (which allows to fight at distance) and "mobility" (which allows to move quickly). In addition, MS can use "abilities" and the extra super skill "tactical" skill when the "SP" gauge is full. In summary, the target is determined by the pilot and the type of attack by the MS. When the player creates his deck he has to think about the launch cost of each MS because if he only takes MS and pilots that cost too much, he may end up in a situation where he cannot get his MS out. SEASON:01 includes cards from the following series: Mobile Suit Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Mobile Suit Gundam UC, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded OrphansGundam Build Divers Re:RISE. Maps from other series will be added in future seasons.

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jp Cotton Rock'n'Roll (exA-Arcadia)

Cotton Rock'n'Roll (exA-Arcadia)The ex-Arcadia version of Cotton Rock'n'Roll was released Yesterday. The game from Success was already released at the end of the year on ALL.Net P-ras MULTI and on home console. But this new version brings a few new features, the most notable being the addition of 2-player simultaneous play in which each player can choose one of the 8 characters! Other changes are more technical: animation corrections, shorter loading times, less input lag (3 frames) and a new "extra arrange" mode dedicated to Cave game lovers. The Cotton Rock'n'Roll kit is of course available from Red Sun Systems. It includes the game cartridge, a poster, a marquee, instruction strips in Japanese and English and a manual in Japanese and English.

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jp Akai Katana EXA Label / Crimson Katana EXA Label

Akai Katana EXA Label / Crimson Katana EXA LabelAfter releasing DODONPACHI TRUE DEATH EXA LABEL last year on exA-Arcadia, Cave continues its momentum with the release of Akai Katana EXA Label / Crimson Katana EXA Label, the definitive version of its horizontal shooter released on PCB in 2010 and on NESiCAxlive in 2012. Thanks to exA-Arcadia technology, the 1 frame input lag offers players the most responsive version of the game compared to 2 frames for the PCB and 5 frames for the NESiCAxLive and Xbox 360 versions. Akai Katana EXA Label features 4 game modes: Original (original 4:3 PCB version with slowdowns and bugs fixed), Climax (Zetsu, Xbox 360 version in 16:9, Slash (Shin, Director's Cut version with an extra stage and the real end boss) and Label EXA mode (best of version that combines the best aspects of all modes and features real-time difficulty adjustments). In addition, an Ultimate difficulty mode for all game modes is selectable on the character selection screen. The original mode is playable in 4:3, all other modes are 16:9 on 16:9 HD displays and 4:3 on 4:3 31khz CRT monitors. It supports resolutions from 640x480 to 3840x2160. The visuals are now in 4K and the original and arranged soundtracks have been remastered in HD stereo and a new FM arranged soundtrack by Ryu Umemoto et Keishi Yonao is available. Akai Katana EXA Label is available as a standard kit and limited edition from Red Sun Systems. The standard edition contains a reversible A1 bilingual (English/Japanese) poster, a standard bilingual (English/Japanese) artset (marquee, instruction strip and manual) and a Vewlix artset (marquee, bezel stickers, instruction strip in Japanese).The limited edition includes in addition to a red colour cartridge, 2 posters and a 180cm POP of characters to choose from. There is also a limited edition bundle with a red exA-Arcadia system illustrated by chara-designer Mushimaro. Limited editions are signed by game director TRP.

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jp Sega game centers are renamed GiGO

Sega game centers are renamed GiGOFollowing Genda's initial purchase of 85.1% of Sega Entertainment in November 2020, Genda just bought the 14.9% remaining shares. As a consequence, Genda Sega Entertainment is renamed Genda GiGO Entertainment. All Sega game centers in Japan will be progressively rebranded as GiGO starting with the ones located in Ikebukuro, Akihabara and Shinjuku. GiGO in this case stands for "Get into the Gaming Oasis". Practically, it doesn't change a lot of things regarding management. Emotionally though, the disappearance of Sega logos from the Japanese landscape is a bit difficult to swallow. Every video game enthusiast having visited Japan probably has a good chunk of pictures featuring the Sega logo as these were omnipresent in every big city. Moreover, Sega game centers are featured in a lot of manga and anime. The face of Tokyo will now be different for sure. Although this move was expected since the initial acquisition of shares by Genda in 2020, it still feels a bit sudden as new game centers are still opening with Sega branding this month. Before misinformed media jumps to conclusions (as they always do when the arcade industry is involved), it is to be noted that it does not affect Sega's arcade game development and manufacturing divisions. Genda will follow its expansion plan with new game center openings in the following months. To those saying that arcades are dead in Japan, Genda's CEO Mr. Kataoka replies that "The domestic market is 520 billion yen, which is twice the movie market of 260 billion. Moreover, before Corona, it has increased for 4 consecutive years (6% on average)." Genda thanks Sega for its 56-year history in arcade operation.

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