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Gamestate BrusselsThe famous Dutch arcade chain Gamestate opens its first arcade in Belgium today! This one is located on Boulevard Anspachlaan, in the newly renovated pedestrian area of Brussels. As usual with Gamestate, the focus is on fun and family-friendly games with, of course, arcade machines, redemptions, VR and pinball machines. Visitors can already play titles such as Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (for the first time in a Belgian arcade), Mario & Sonic at Tokyo 2020 Olympics, MotoGP, World's largest Pac-Man, Pump It Up 2017 Prime 2, Beat Saber Arcade (VR), Godzilla and Game of Thrones pinball machines,... There are more than 40 games available and the arcade is open every day. Gamestate has already announced that this arcade will be the first of a series of new arcades in Belgium. More info on the dedicated location page.

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jp Tetote x Connect

Tetote x ConnectAnnounced by Taito for Winter 2019, Tetote x Connect launch had been postponed indefinitely. The wait is over as Tetote x Connect starts operation in Round 1 game centres today and in Taito Station on December 8th. It is a new style of rhythm game in which you dance with a life-size partner! The gameplay is simple: the cabinet features a vertical touch screen and you have to touch the circles that appear on the screen. There are motion sensors that detect your movements when you have to reproduce dance moves on certain occasions. There are 8 male or female characters with different personalities. They each have different voices and reactions and are voiced by well-known actors. The more you play, the more the bonds with your partner grow and you can level up to get new outfits for your partner. A collaboration with Hatsune Miku and Tetote x Connect starts at the same time: Miku appears as a guest partner!

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KASIORIA new game is available on All-Net P-ras MULTI version3 today: KASIORI. This a cute puzzle game from Success that was first released on Nintendo Switch in May 2021. In KASIORI, you play with cute girls that battle with sweets falling block. You have to connect 3 identical sweets to make them disappear. There are also sweets in bottle, to break them, you have to make another bottle fell on it. There are 8 original characters plus Cotton from Cotton Rock'n'Roll that can be used as a player character. The APM3 version can be played in either a story-based single player mode or a VS two-player mode.

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jp Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6RR

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6RRWangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6RR, the latest title in the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune series is out today. The game has been enhanced in many ways, including the addition of new cars and the new Bingo Challenge feature. You can now drive the GT-R50 by Italdesign and the M4 Coupe Competiton (G82) from BMW. Nissan and Italdesign have teamed up to bring you the GT-R50 by Italdesign, a completely bespoke car limited to 50 units. Based on the GT-R NISMO, the GT-R50 by Italdesign features a redesigned exterior and interior and an enhanced 720 horsepower engine. The M4 Coupe Competiton, a high-powered version of the M4 with larger, vertical kidney grille and 510 hp engine is available with 4WD M xDrive and an 8-speed M Steptronic transmission. Bandai Namco added a new feature to retain and enjoy players: the Bingo Challenge feature. If you beat your alter ego and achieve bingo, you will get an item. In addition, you can combine your bingo cards with those of your friends, regardless of your skill level or progress in the game. Working together with your friends will make it easier to complete your bingo. Bingo cards change daily, and each day you can earn three different items. And to create a community around the game, a new online event "Wangan Koshien" is available. Join as a member of a shop and lead your shop to the prefectural finals, the national finals and the national championship. You'll get participation prizes for every win. There are also other new features in this version: a new wheel manufacturer: WORK, new BGM by Yuzo Koshiro and new level and rank limit. For the first time in two years, a "2on2" tournament will be held during the Toushinsai (Japanese largest competition in e-ARCADE SPORTS). The final will be held in the end of February 2022.

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jp Nosferatu Lilinor

Nosferatu LilinorNosferatu Lilinor is available on All.Net P-ras MULTI version3 today. This is super difficult 2D action game with puzzle-like elements from neon released on Steam in 2019. An improved version was out on Switch in 2020. Nosferatu Lilinor is a stage-clearing action game with a retro-like atmosphere that leads the vampire girl Lilinor to the goal.You have to try again and again to find a clear route. Lilinor uses an umbrella to fight. The story begins when Lilinor, a vampire girl, house was was ravaged by Vampire hunters. She decided to travel with her follower Zasha to find a new castle. After travelling for a while, they found the remains in the depths of the forest off the road. However, the demons already lived there... Nosferatu Lilinor is a 1 player game and you can use a gamepad to play. If you play with an Aime card, you can play with the 2 Virtual YouTubers Uni Akatsuki and Mochizuki Himari skins.

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CHUNITHM NEWCHUNITHM NEW is out today. This update will feature an unprecedented volume of new songs in every categories. New collaborations starts also today with the ryhtm mobile game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, the anime The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement,... A new difficulty level ULTIMA is added and team bonus songs are available: if you are a member of a team, you will be able to play bonus songs first as a team membership bonus.

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jp Ongeki Bright

Ongeki BrightThe new Ongeki game is released in Japan today. Sega has added 29 new songs in this new version. There are several new features: songs added to My List can be played from the beginning of any chapter and event songs are added to My List. Chapter 5 of the story is available. A collaboration with THE IDOLM @ STER series and a revival event of Yuruyuri are being held from October 21 to November 24.

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jp beatmania IIDX 29 CastHour

beatmania IIDX 29 CastHourKonami new title in the beatmania series is out in Japan today. beatmania IIDX 29 CastHour concept is based on channels. Players can follow others players, like songs,... There are several new features in the game such as multi-spin scratch, random lane tickets (gacha function only available on Lightning cabinets), judgment adjustment function, best score option display and hit chart (shows which songs are currently the most popular). Players can also an also exchange items using the new in-game currency LISNA.

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jp Cosmic Digger 3671

Cosmic Digger 3671Cosmic Digger 3671 is out on exA-Arcadia today! Developed by Mindware, Cosmic Digger 3671 is an arranged version of the classic Heiankyo Alien arcade game from 1980. Featuring music by Wing☆, and illustrations by Satoshi Okano of Sonic Team fame, play as 1 of 4 police officers and protect the ancient Japanese capital, Heiankyo, from invading aliens by trapping them in holes and burying them. Find powerups along the way to turn the tide against the alien marauders. The more invaders you trap, the more you level up to exponentially increase your score. Compared to the Steam version released last year, the arcade version features new modes and new items. Cosmic Digger 3671 features horizontal orientation on 16:9 HD Widescreen or 4:3 SD CRT and is in Japanese and English. Don't delay in ordering your copy as only one production run of Cosmic Digger 3671 will ever be made. You can order it by Red Sun Systems.

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jp Cotton Rock'n'Roll

Cotton Rock'n'RollCotton Rock'n'Roll is out on ALL.Net P-ras MULTI today. Cotton, Appli and the fairy Silk are back in the world of Willow candies! 21 years after Rainbow Cotton, Success releases a new episode in the famous horizontal shump series. The graphics are in 3D but the gameplay mechanics are still the same and Cotton Rock'n'Roll features the time system of Sanvein and the BUZZ system of Psyvariar. There are 6 playable characters including Umihara Kawase and Luffy from Dokidoki Poyachio. Each character has her own equipment and abilities. The game features 8 different stages, each one has its own gimmick. A 2-player version of Cotton Rock'n'Roll will also be released on exA-Arcadia later.

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