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fi Version 4.0 of the Universe BIOS is now free

Version 4.0 of the Universe BIOS is now freeVersion 4.0 of the Universe BIOS for NEOGEO MVS and AES systems was released 2 years ago. If we talk about it again today, it's because Razoola decided to make it available for free (for personal use). Previously, only older versions were available free of charge, the latest revision having to be bought from Razoola. However, he stopped selling the BIOS last year and decided to make the latest version available for everybody from today. We won't list the changes in this version as it was covered in the news published at the time of its release. For those who don't know; the Universe BIOS was created by Finnish coder Razoola in 2002 to expand the abilities of the NEOGEO MVS system, allowing the owner to easily change the BIOS region, switch between arcade and console mode, listen to the game music via a jukebox feature and use built-in cheats. You may get the BIOS image from the official download page, you'll need a M27C1024 DIP40 EPROM to burn it. If you don't own an EPROM programmer, you'll find a list of people authorized to provide you the Universe BIOS on EPROM on the download page. Thanks Razoola!

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jp Dodonpachi Saidaioujou EXA Label is coming this Summer

Dodonpachi Saidaioujou EXA Label is coming this SummerCave games coming to the exA-Arcadia has been hinted several times in the past. Many people didn't believe it or didn't dare to believe it. Personally, we were aware of the partnership since November 2019 but couldn't spread the news about it. Now it's official! The first game born of the partnership between Cave and exA-Arcadia is Dodonpachi Saidaioujou EXA Label. This game will be developed under license and in association with Cave. This EXA Label version will feature HD graphics, new game modes and new features that will be announced soon. Dodonpachi Saidaioujou EXA Label will be released in Summer 2020. Cave games coming back to arcades 8 years after their last arcade game is a very important event eagerly awaited by shooting game fans all over the world! To celebrate this announcement, Cave re-releases the art book that came with the limited editions of the Xbox 360 version of Dodonpachi Saidaioujou in PDF format. This e-book includes many artworks of the characters, ships and bosses, as well as interviews of the developement staff and the voice actors. It is available on their online shop for 1800 yen. Given the success of Aka to Blue Type-R in Japanese game centers, today's arcade players seem to be ready for more shooting challenge! The success of this definitive version of Dodonpachi Saidaioujou is assured! In Europe, exA-Arcadia games are distributed by Red Sun Systems.

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Otoshu DX (SOUND SHOOTING!!)Otoshu DX (SOUND SHOOTING!!) is released on Sega's ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver.3 today. SOUND SHOOTING!! - Rhythm Action & 2D Shooter, Otoshu in Japanese, is a mobile game developed by EZDAEMON, which was released on April 2019 on mobile app stores. The genre is composed of a side-scrolling bullet hell mixed with rhythm game elements. Otoshu DX is a 1 player game and thanks to the screen size, there are more lanes than on the mobile version. New songs are also added to the arcade version. Players can use a headphone to play but the game is not compatible with gamepad (shooting game = lever+buttons!).

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 Ongeki SUMMER PLUSOngeki SUMMER PLUS starts operation today. In the new version, Sega mades some adjustments to make playing more comfortable. There also various new songs (Catch the Moment - LiSA, Meltyland Nightmare - Harumaki rice feat.Hatsune Miku,...) and collaborations (My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected, Gothic is a magical maiden,...).

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jp JAEPO 2020

JAEPO 2020The JAEPO 2020 show has close its doors yesterday. Let's take a look at the game presented and announces made during those 2 days! We begin with Sega that have made a lot of announces about the games upcomming on ALL.Net P-ras MULTI version 3. In 2020, there will be a brand new Guilty Gear game: Guilty Gear -Strive- and other fighting games: UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[cl-r], Koihime † Enbu RyoRaiRai Version3, Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX IGNITION (re-release) and Goonya Fighter, a crazy fighting game. New shootings games are also announced: Rolling Gunner and Battle Blade (tentative title). But compare to the ALL.Net P-ras MULTI version 2, there will be other genres than fighting and shooting games: Umihara Kawase Fresh! (platform), Otoshu DX (SOUND SHOOTING!!) (shooting and rhythm game), Pengo! Online (action). Sega also announced SEGA Classics (tentative name) Fantasy Zone. Konami was present with heavy stuff: a totally renew pop'n music: pop'n music Welcome to Wonderland!, a new cabinet for jubeat and a new battle royal action game named Armored Princess Battle Conductor. Bandai Namco has presented its new Taiko no Tatsujin: Nijiiro Ver. with a new 120 fps monitor and has announced Mobile Suit Gundam - Senjo no Kizuna II for this Winter!

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WCCF FOOTISTA 2020WCCF FOOTISTA 2020 starts operation today. There are some new elements in this new version of Sega's card game. The first new feature is the possibility to assign skills to all cards. Then, by using the players of a real club team, players accumulate points for the “Club Master Ranking” allowing them to obtain digital items related to the club. The European League has been updated with the data for the 2019-2020 season and new club teams have been added: AFC Ajax, AC Milan, FC Inter Milan, FC Porto. New players cards are also available: Virgil van Dijk, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku...

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jp Mario & Sonic at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Mario & Sonic at Tokyo 2020 OlympicsMario & Sonic at Tokyo 2020 Olympics release was announced for February 8 but Sega finally decided to release it on Thursday. The game concept is of course the same than in the first game but there are new events and this time there is no more josticks but 2 buttons (red and blue) and a foot panel. A total of 8 events are available and each has it own way to use the buttons/ foot panel. For example, in the 100me event, you have to press the blue/red buttons to start running, then, step on the foot panel to rise the speed and when tthe goal is near, jump to start the last spurt and finish the race. The events are thoses ones: 100m, 100m Freestyle, Triple Jump, Discus Throw, Sports climbing, Rugby, Shortboard (surf) and Artistic gymnastics. Mario & Sonic at Tokyo 2020 Olympics will also be released for the Western, it was present on Sega Amusements stand at EAG 2020 in January.

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WACCA SMarvelous! and HARDCORE TANO * C released a sequel to WACCA yesterday. During a live broacast held on January 20, REDALiCE (HARDCORE TANO * C), t + pazolite (HARDCORE TANO * C), aran (HARDCORE TANO * C) and producer Tatsuya Yokoyama presented the new game named WACCA S. 16 new songs are available (Vocaloid, songs from anime / J-POP with East arrange, original HARDCORE TANO * C musics,...). There is also a new mode "Stage-up": in this mode, you play 3 predetermined songs but to continue, you have to clear the rules. 10 stages can be selected and the rules become more severe at each stage. And a new function is added: "Gate function", when you play the game, you accumulate "gate points" to unlock new titles and new songs.

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jp maimai Deluxe PLUS

maimai Deluxe PLUSThe latest version of maimai is available today: maimai Deluxe PLUS. There are two major new features. First, players can now choose a character as partner. Then, the categories are renewed: "Maimai" and "Ongeki & CHUNITHM" categories are added, "Variety" category changed to "Game & Variety" and all songs in "Original" category have been moved to "maimai", "ongeki & CHUNITHM" and "Game & Variety" categories. maimai Deluxe PLUS 1st campaign also starts today and will end on April 4. During this period, players can earn original goods (CD, clearfiles, aime card) according to the points accumulated by playing the game.

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jp Poker Stadium

Poker StadiumBandai Namco releases Poker Stadium today. This game is an online Texas Hold'em Poker game playable up to 6. The game is composed by 4 rounds and each player decide their action one by one in order. There are 3 actions possible: Exit from the game (get off the game without betting any more chips), Continue the game (keep the game with the same amount of chips already bet in the round) and Increase bet (increase the bet for the round). Two game modes are available: "Win with the strength of your hand" and "take everyone off the game". Bandai Namco has developed a deep background for the game: the story takes place in a world where poker has become the world's most popular mind sport. The poker stadium is the place where the strongest players compete for various reasons. 9 characters with their own past stories are available: Shun, Mio, Rei, Marika, Brian, Noel, Alva, Eddie and JJ. Poker Stadium will be present at JAEPO.

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