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GITADORA Tri-Boost Re: EVOLVEGITADORA Tri-Boost Re: EVOLVE will start operation in Japan tomorrow. This new version of Konami's musical game improves the gameplay experience for the players and helps them to view their skills improvement. The player's improvement indicator has been renewed: it's more easy to aim a song that will be adapted for skill improvement efficiently. The music selection is also more easy with new folders: "Recommended for you", "Favorites" and "History". GITADORA Tri-Boost Re: EVOLVE introduces 26 new songs, there is now a lineup of 860 songs!

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jp Magicians DEAD

Magicians DEADAnnounced this year at the JAEPO, Magicians DEAD is finally out yesterday. It's the first game released on Byking new arcade platform: the BNAS (provisional name) for Byking Network Arcade System. The BNAS takes advantage of Taito's NESYS system. The game is will be downloaded to the arcade machines from the BNAS server as for NESiCA games and a play costs 100 Yen. Magicians DEAD is a multiplayer battle action taking place in a "world of magic vs. ESP" world where many characters fight each other. The player controls his character's movements with his hands and fingers, the game features a non-contact Kinect-like motion sensor. He can use various magic or esper powers to defeat the other players. The player can also grasp, lift, and toss objects. Magicians DEAD use the Unreal Engine 4 game engine. The character designer team is composed by famous artists: Shigeto Koyama (Kill la Kill, Big Hero 6), Akiman (Street Fighter 2, Gundam Reconguista in G), Mari Shimazaki (Bayonetta), Aruko Wada (Fate/Extra) and Asai (figma series, Hatsune Miku APPEND).

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fr Discount on lit joysticks and buttons at Joystick Arcade

Discount on lit joysticks and buttons at Joystick ArcadeDo you have an arcade cabinet at home? Does it look sad next to your Christmas tree lit up with a thousand lights? So why not brighten up your cabinet or your arcade stick with lit joysticks and buttons? If you were think about it, now is the time to do it! Indeed, our French partner Joystick Arcade offers a 5% discount on these items until December 31, 2016. In order to benefit from this offer, type "NOEL-ARCADE-2016" in the "Vouchers" field of your shopping-cart. Available colours are blue, green, yellow, red and white (only for buttons). The power supply is 12V. Make your choice on and do not forget to use the discount code. Thanks to Joystick Arcade and Merry Christmas everyone!

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jp Love Live! School Idol Festival ~ after school ACTIVITY ~

Love Live! School Idol Festival ~ after school ACTIVITY ~Square Enix releases a new musical game today: Love Live! School Idol Festival ~ after school ACTIVITY ~. Love Live! is a multimedia project developped by ASCII Media Works, Lantis and Sunrise about school girls who become idols to save their school that is going to shut down. There are already many adaptations of the project: CD, anime, mangas, and video games. The arcade game is a rhythm game that will be based ond the iOS/Android version. The players must press the buttons at the right time according to the symbols that appear on the screen. They can collect profile and members card. New songs are available compared to the smartphone version as well as outfits for the characters.

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jp reflec BEAT The Reflesia of Eternity

reflec BEAT The Reflesia of Eternityreflec BEAT The Reflesia of Eternity starts operation in Japan today. This is the sixth game in the REFLEC BEAT series. This time, the game theme is fantasy. So, fantasy is everywhere in the game: visual, game modes, music, quest. Even Pastel-kun wears fantasy clothes! The main character illustrator is MAYA. reflec BEAT The Reflesia of Eternity introduces new objects: Big Bang Objects and Switch Long Objects that replace the Slide Objects from reflec BEAT VOLZZA. The Big Bang Objects are long horizontal bars that can be touched anywhere. When they are touched, it causes a screen shaking effect. The Switch Long Objects have 2 bars: a yellow (ON) and a purple (OFF), both must be repeat until the end of the object. As usual with new versions, some new songs appear and some songs are removed.

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jp Dream Festival!

Dream Festival!Dream Festival! is a Data Carddass game that is out in Japan today. Dream Festival! is a multimedia project from Bandai Namco including an animated series, CD, shows, smartphones apps, cards,... This licence is targeted to a feminine audience. The story is about Kanade Amamiya, a second year high school student and his friends Shin Oikawa, Junya Sasaki, Itsuki Katagiri & Chizuru Sawamura. They participate to the Dream Festival, a first step to become singers. During the festival, fans come with Dream Cards that they use to support their favourite singer to unlock him new outfits and offer additional stage performing.

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jp Monster Hunter Spirits 2: Triple Soul

Monster Hunter Spirits 2: Triple SoulThe new title in the Monster Hunter Spirits series is available in Japan today. Capcom and Marvelous offer a new version of the game featuring new monsters, new cards, new stages and new combo skills. All players data from the previous version are compatible with Monster Hunter Spirits 2: Triple Soul. The game also features interaction with the 3DS game Monster Hunter Stories. In November, 7 quests for Monster Hunter Stories will be gradually unlocked to get special rewards (objects, Otomon,...). To get those quests, players must go to a game center where they can play to Monster Hunter Spirits 2 with their Nintendo 3DS. You can watch Monster Hunter Spirits 2: Triple Soul trailer here.

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us Sega announces Daytona 3 Championship USA

Sega announces Daytona 3 Championship USAWe already knew that Sega would bring Target Bravo: Operation G.H.O.S.T. and Let's Go Island Dream Edition at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016. But Sega still had to unveil their flagship title and this is done with Daytona 3 Championship USA! The game will include three remastered circuits from the original Daytona USA and 3 new tracks including the modern version of Daytona International Speedway. There will be new cars and new game modes and a live camera system displaying players faces in the game. Good news: developers used the original engine as a base (especially for AI and slipstream management), that should reassure the players who are afraid of ending up with a game lacking in arcade sensations as that was the case with the last Western Sega racing games. As Patrick Michael, head of R&D says: "How could we improve the best?". Another dispelled point of concern: music will be composed by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi. No photo of the cabinet has surfaced yet but we already know that it will feature a 47" LED screen and a topper sporting a 27" screen displaying what's happening in the race "Live TV" style. The machine will be fully lit with LEDs and the bottom of the seat will be moulded after a car engine. Like the previous games (dismissing Sega Racing Classic), a network of up to 8 players will be supported! Operators will enjoy a party mode to organize special events and Sega-IQ intelligent menus in the service mode. Will Daytona 3 live up to the expectations that such a name implies? See it for yourself at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando on November 15!

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jp beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ

beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZKonami's beatmania series success is still big and going on with the release of beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ today. As usual, this new episode is accompanied by a new visual theme. This time, this is the Ninjas. For the first time in the series, the visuals and the BMG change according to the day of the week. On the game side, there are a few new features: the "Ninja Rank" to evaluate the players skills and the "teacher-student" system. It works as a link between two players and they get rewards when their relationship evolves.

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jp Sega announces Soul Reverse

Sega announces Soul ReverseOn October 21, Sega announced a new RPG game for smartphone: Soul Reverse Zero. It will be available on IOS and Android in November but it will be released on another platform as well. The game is developed by AM2. It's the first product in the Soul Reverse series, an original licence that Sega plans to develop. The story sees the main hero having to summon heroes from other dimensions to help save his world from destruction. At least 60 heroes such as King Arthur, Oda Nobunaga and Cleopatra will be available. Each hero will have skills with different effects. The animation is produced by Production I.G. On October 25, Sega revealed that Soul Reverse will also be available in arcades! The main theme song can be listened to on the website that just opened.

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