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be Terminator Salvation tournament in Liège

Terminator Salvation tournament in LiègeArcade Belgium will organize a Terminator Salvation tournament in Liège on Friday November 4th, 2011 at 19:00. It will take place at the Jeux Américains mobile arcade located in Parc d'Avroy (near Liège-Guillemins train station). Grand prize: a Panasonic Blu-Ray/DVD player with SD card support. The 16 best players will win a T-shirt. Tournament entry fee is 5 €. Tickets are already available at Jeux Américains arcade. Tickets will still be available during the first round of the tournament (first round that will last between 40 and 80 minutes) so don't worry if you can't make it to the place for 19:00. Please note that tickets are not refundable, even if you can't enter the tournament. Here's how it will work: pairs of players will be draw. Each pair will play a whole chapter of Terminator Salvation arcade game (deaths don't matter). At the end of each chapter, the winner will be chosen (number of killing streaks, number of kills and accuracy matter). It will be a single-elimination tournament so the loser will be eliminated. However, if the number of players for the second is not 8 or 16, "lucky losers" will be draw to re-enter the tournament. Just before the finals, a match will be held between the losers of the semi-finals for the third place. Come and enjoy!

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jp Melty Blood AACC Ver1.07

Melty Blood AACC Ver1.07Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Ver1.07 is available in Japan today. This latest version adds a new character: Archetype Earth which has the particularity to be able to fly and which was created especially for advanced players. Type-Moon also announced that Melty Blood AACC Ver1.07 will also be released on PC: it will indeed be available bundled with the third Blu-ray of Carnival Phantasm, the OAV series created to celebrate Type-Moon 10th anniversary which contains various characters from Type-Moon works such as Kara no Kyoukai, Fate/Stay Night and of course Tsukihime (which Melty Blood is based on).

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fr Nos jeux vidéo 70-90

Nos jeux vidéo 70-90Two days ago, Hors Collection editions published in their "nostalgie" collection a book on video games from 70's to 90's. Entitled "Nos jeux vidéo 70-90", the book is written by Marc Lacombe, former host of Game One and Nolife channels, better known by his nickname Marcus and journalist Philippe Kieffer. The publisher presents it as a complete and illustrated overview of the history of video games. Subtitled "De la raquette de Pong au racket de GTA, l'irrésistible ascension des jeux vidéos", the book talks about console games as well as arcade games with titles such as Pong, Space Invaders, Galaxian, Galaga, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. The book is in french and has 144 pages illustrated in color, it's price is € 24.90.

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jp Persona 4 The Animation

Persona 4 The AnimationThe Persona series is currently in the limelight. During the Tokyo Game Show, Atlus presented the fighting game Persona 4 The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena, developed by Arc System Works, which will be released on Taito NESicAxLive in spring 2012 and on home consoles during summer. Persona 4 The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena takes place two years after the events of Persona 4 (RPG released on consoles). Today, Persona 4 The Animation is in the spotlight: the first episode of this anime was broadcast in Japan yesterday. This series is adapted from Persona 4 and features Yu, a teenager, who will discover the existence of a hidden world located on the other side of the TV screens... Persona 4 The Animation is available in simulcast on the KZ Play VoD platform (French subtitled), the first episode is free of charge and next ones are watchable via a subscription.

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jp Darius Burst - Another Chronicle EX update phase 2

Darius Burst - Another Chronicle EX update phase 2Taito completes its update of Darius Burst - Another Chronicle EX today with the release of the update phase 2 (Ver.1.14). It is however a little less featured than the update phase 1. The new features are a new "Original EX Mode" game mode, a new ship called "Genesis Sivler Hawk" and a new boss: "DREADFUL WHIP". For the curious who want to see the phase 2 of Darius Burst - Another Chronicle EX in action, Taito has produced a 15 minutes presentation video that can be seen on our YouTube channel.

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jp Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale update

Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale updateNamco Bandai continues to update Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale, after a minor update on June 22 which added a new stage located on the planet Namek, a new update is released today this time providing a lot of news. Two new characters are introduced, Android # 17 and Dr. Gero from the Red Ribbon army. Namco Bandai has made some changes to the gameplay: the characters have been rebalanced, damages were reviewed and an adjustment was made ​​to make the first 2 games against the CPU easier. Futhermore, various bugs have been fixed, especially at the network and display level.

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jp BlazBlue Continuum Shift II Ver1.10

BlazBlue Continuum Shift II Ver1.10BlazBlue Continuum Shift II Ver1.10 will be available tomorrow. After version 1.05 release in July, which had introduced the "guilds" system: players can create and join guilds that compete to win places in the world rankings, Arc System Works is continuing to improve its flagship game. Version 1.10 adds a new character: RELIUS Clover, Carl's father, known as the Puppeteer, which until now was not a playable character in BlazBlue. A new game mode is now available: "Survival" mode, to activate it, simply press Start while holding the C button at the title screen. The performance of the game has been adjusted and the characters have been rebalanced.

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jp Kickthrough Racers

 Kickthrough RacersTaito has announced Kickthrough Racers release for the end of September without giving a specific date: the game is available in some arcades in Japan since September 21. Kickthrough Racers features the same kawaii characters that made the success of Hopping Road, released in March 2009. The gameplay is almost the same (the player must perform movements to move the character) but this time it's on kids scooters: you must press the pedal at the rear to speed up. Taito also added a button on the handlebar for throwing things as in Mario Kart, which promises even more wacky races than in Hopping Road.

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jp Baseball Heroes 2011 Shine Star

Baseball Heroes 2011 Shine StarToday, Konami released Baseball Heroes 2011 Shine Star, this card game series is very popular in Japan. This 2011 edition includes over 200 cards of players licensed by the Nippon Professional Baseball from which players can choose to build their team. To win victories, the apprentice manager will have make the right choice between offensive and defensive strategy. Konami has added an interactive feature with ist social game for mobile phone, Professional Baseball Dream Nine, in which players (they are already over a million) collect virtual cards, build their team and compete each other. By playing the two games they can win items for Baseball Heroes 2011 and cards and points for Professional Baseball Dream Nine. Baseball Heroes 2011 Shine Star can of course be played throughout Japan thanks to the e-AMUSEMENT network, the payment system PASELI is supported and the e-AMUSEMENT PASS allows the user to save his team, his scores, his grades...

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be Player reopens

Player reopensGood news: Player video game shop is open again! It is now located at 71 Rue de Gaillarmont in Chênée (near Liège) which is 3km from its previous location in Grivegnée. The store had been closed since the end of July. Player is not an ordinary video game shop; in addition to the good atmosphere and passion that reigns there, it's also a fighting game oriented arcade where you always find an opponent to face. Available arcade games include The King of Fighters XIII, Martial Masters, Capcom Vs SNK 2 and the all-time classic Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. Beat'em all lovers are not forgotten with a 4-player Dungeons & Dragons Shadow over Mystar cabinet. In the past, many sessions and tournaments were held there, we bet they will resume soon...

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