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Arcade TunesA new website dedicated to arcade games just opened: Arcade Tunes. This site provides free arcade games music to download as well as ringtones. Seeing that he was not able to find his favorite games music on the Internet, Arcade Tunes creator decided to record music himself by playing music via MAME emulator and M1 software and share them on his website . For the moment the download section is quite empty but everyone can contribute.

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be Made in Asia 2

Made in Asia 2Made in Asia 2 will be held from Friday, March 11 to Sunday, March 13 in Brussels Expo's Palais 9 . Visitors can try many traditional activities: cosplay, calligraphy, bonsai, sumo, kendo, aikido, vovinam, origami, shugo, sumi-e, cooking. There will also be many exhibitors including publishers (Dybex, Studio Affects) fanzines (MéluZine), shops (Player One, Discount Manga, Super Dragon Toys) and young creators (Sybile Art, Miss-Tick). Two concerts of Jpop star HITT will be held Friday (acoustic) and Saturday. Anime projections (Cobra the Animation, FMA Brotherhood, Code Geass) will be held throughout the weekend and Saturday night, the last two films of the Evangelion series will be broadcast in Kinepolis situated just off the lounge. Much of the show will be dedicated to video games: many consoles will be available to test the latest games (Final Fantasy XIII, Red Steel 2) but also old games as on Super NES, Dreamcast and musical games (DDR, DJ Hero, Para Para Paradise/). Too bad there will be no arcade games on this show dedicated to Asian culture! Visit for all practical information.

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fr World Game Cup 2010

 World Game Cup 2010World Game Cup 2010 (third edition of the show) will take place this year from 03 to 07 March at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. The World Game Cup 2010 is the fighting games World Cup, players from all around the world compete for 5 days in different types of tournaments: solo, team, concept and exhibition games. Japanese player Daigo Umehara, Street Fighter IV champion will be present as the Soul Calibur IV U.S. team. The competitions are mainly on consoles with titles such as Soul Calibur IV, Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue, Tekken 6 and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core. But all tournaments on The King Of Fighters serie are organized exclusively on arcade (in partnership with Versus Dojo arcade). To participate it is necessary to register at the entrence for 10 € and the grand prize is a ticket to go to USA and participate in the EVO 2010 this summer. For more information, visit

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uk EAG 2010 report

EAG 2010 reportOrganised by BACTA, the first edition of EAG trade show took place in London in late January. Major arcade games manufacturers were present and the event was a success. Find the latest titles available in Europe in our report of 180 commented pictures. Next important shows will be EAAPA 2010 (from February 17 to 19 at the Sokolniki in Moscow, Russia), AOU 2010 (from February 19th to 21st at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japon), AmEx 2010 (March 2nd and 3rd at Green Isle Hotel Conference Center in Dublin, Ireland), GameNet 2010 (from March 5th to 7th at EKEP Exhibition Center in Metamorfosi, Greece) and GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2010 (from May 2nd to 4th at the World Trade Center in Taipei, Taiwan).

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eu Terminator Salvation

Terminator SalvationAlready available since November 13th in the United States, Terminator Salvation makes its European debut at the EAG trade show, which will be held in Londres from January 26th to 28th. Manufactured by Raw Thrills and developed by Play Mechanix which already made Big Buck Hunter and Aliens Extermination, Terminator Salvation, inspired by the last Terminator movie, features a very impressive cabinet with a T-600 robot marquee topper, a 42-inch LCD screen and two assault rifles. The game will be very realistic with recoil effect and a new clip action reload feature. Furthermore, players can enhance their weapons with devices they find during the game.

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us Coin-Op Co-Op: A Brief History and a Bright Future

Coin-Op Co-Op: A Brief History and a Bright FutureCo-Optimus, a specialized website in cooperative games, publishes a four pages article entitled "Coin-Op Co-Op: A Brief History and a Bright Future". In this article, Kevin Williams of the Stinger Report looks back at the history of multiplayer games in the arcade industry. From Pong Doubles in 1973 to the new Giant Tetris, these are four decades of cooperative games that are reviewed. To read the article, please visit the Co-Optimus website.

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be Best wishes for 2010

Best wishes for 2010We wish you all the best for this year 2010 that marks the entry into a new decade. As usual, this is the occasion to review the titles released in 2009, let's start with Namco which released upgrade kits to convert racing games into Fast and Furious Drift, the famous deluxe shooter Razing Storm by the creators of the Time Crisis series, the motorcycle game Nirin and the return of powerboat racing with H2Overdrive. From Sega came out the very good Harley Davidson - King of the Road, the good Hummer, the disappointing Rambo, the conventional R-Tuned Ultimate Street Racing and budget titles Sega Bass Fishing Challenge and Sega Clay Challenge. Konami's line-up included GTI Club Supermini Festa and music games Guitar Hero Arcade and DanceDanceRevolution X. In 2009, Global VR gave us an update for NASCAR Racing, Need For Speed Carbon and the comics looking beat'em all Justice League - Heroes United. To complete our tour, let's note the arrival in Europe of some very good titles from less known manufacturerssuch as DJ Max Technika (Pentavision), Pump It Up NX Absolute (Andamiro) and BlazBlue - Calamity Trigger (Arc System Works). This was also the year when major titles had to be imported due to lack of official release in Europe, Street Fighter IV (Capcom) and Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion (Namco) come to mind.

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eu AquaRace Extreme available

AquaRace Extreme availableAfter H2Overdrive a new racing boat game is available in Europe, named AquaRacer Extreme, this game is developed by Japanese game company Bitster and uses the motion system created specially for the occasion by Korean company Simuline. Thanks to this motion system, the game is very realistic especially during jumps, drifts and when the boost button is used. The game features three courses of different difficulty levels and four boats. Four players can compete simultaneously and races can be broadcast live on a screen (optional). Another game mode allows two players to drive in cooperative: the pilot will change automatically every 30 seconds or when the "change player" button is used. AquaRacer Extreme can already be ordered from Avranches Automatic (France).

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uk London Shows

London ShowsNext month, London will host two amusement exhibitions: IGE (Intenational Gaming Expo, which gathers ATEI, ICE and ICEi) and EAG (European Amusement and Gaming Expo). The IGE will take place from January 26 to 28 at Earls Court and will focus on casino games, bets, bingo, ... Unfortunately, only 50 exhibitors will represent the amusement sector (including Photo Me, Bell Fruit, GTI, ...). While IGE will take place on the same dates at ExCel, this brand new show is born from the association of InterGame and former ATEI partner, BACTA which represents the amusement industry in England. This show will showcase video games, AWPs, billiards, bingo, bowling, cranes, kiddie rides, juke boxes, plush, pushers, redemption games, simulators... Among exhibitors, we'll find big names as Sega, Bandai Namco, Konami, Electrocoin, Elaut, Harry Levy, ...

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be Play Belgium

Play BelgiumPresented for the first time in London in 2002, Game On exhibition continues its world tour and will open in Brussels next Tuesday. Renamed Play Belgium, this event tells the video game history from first arcade games like Computer Space, Pong and Pac-Man to actual home consoles. Visitors can try more than 250 video games from past and present. Play Belgium is also an educative experience with video games trainings in Belgium, educational games, prevention, specialized media and future technologies through several conferences, demonstrations and workshops. Play Belgium will take place at the Cellars of Cureghem in Anderlecht from December 22Th to April 18Th 2010 and opens from Monday to Sunday (Mondays and Tuesdays are reserved for school visits). Adult ticket price is 16 € in presales. More details on the website.

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