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jp Koihime † Enbu RyoRaiRai Version3

Koihime † Enbu RyoRaiRai Version3Koihime † Enbu RyoRaiRai Version3 is out today on Sega ALL.Net P-ras MULTI version 3. The game is developed by Unknown Games and M2. New characters are available in this version: the general Xu Huang and the strategist Guo Jia. The existing character animations have been revamped. The game supports now nationwide online competition and thanks to the Aime card support, players can record their information and display rankings on linked sites.

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jp O.N.G.E.K.I. R.E.D.

O.N.G.E.K.I. R.E.D.Ongeki R.E.D. is coming out in Japan today. In this upgrade, Sega has added many songs in different categories: Gurenge - LiSA (POPS & ANIME), If you can become someone's heart - Yuri Cannon feat. GUMI (niconico), Night of Knights (Touhou Project), Sound Chimera - Laur (VARIETY), GlitterGlitter - Shuhei Mutsuki/Akari Hoshisak (Ongeki),... New songs can be exchanged in the Medal Shop. Collaborations with Puella Magi Madoka Magica and CUE! start at the same time and will be available until November 4th.

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jp Nippon Marathon 2 Turbo is announced

Nippon Marathon 2 Turbo is announcedOnion Soup Interactive announced Nippon Marathon 2 - the Brave World Tour! The game will be released on Nintendo Switch / PC (Steam) and an arcade version on exA-Arcadia (Nippon Marathon 2 Turbo) is also scheduled for April 2022. A Kickstarter campaign has started on September 29th and will end on October 28th. You can check it here. New features are already announced: more powerful & new stupid characters, a lot of playful movements such as "grabbing" the enemy, new courses set in London, the United States, France and other parts of the world, new B moves set for each character such as Elizabeth Nishibori's "Unicorn Rage" and new weapons such as star fruit that functions like a shuriken. Supporters can choose from a variety of benefits, including beta test play and the availability of sustainable merchandise such as limited edition T-shirts, OST, artbook, posters,... Supporters investing 5800€ will get a Nippon Marathon Turbo 2 exA-Arcadia 4p Arcade Cabinet! It comes equiped with Nippon Marathon Turbo 2 installed and ready to play. Note that shipping costs are not included.

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jp WACCA Lily / maimai Deluxe Splash

 WACCA Lily / maimai Deluxe SplashTwo musical games were released yesterday in Japan. Lily by Marvelous! and HARDCORE TANO*C and maimai Deluxe Splash by Sega. WACCA Lily makes a few changes from the previous version: WACCA points are replaced by Lily points and the current WACCA points are reset. The trophies have been automatically reset and the trophies of the current season 01 are no longer available. The difficulty level of some songs has been changed. maimai Deluxe Splash has a new "challenge songs" feature: completing a "Challenge Song" will make you win that song. Old songs that were no longer available in maimai Deluxe PLUS are available again and, on the other side, some others are no longer available.

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jp Goonya Fighter - APM3 Edition

Goonya Fighter - APM3 EditionThe last location test of Goonya Fighter - APM3 Edition is just finished and the game is already available on Sega's ALL.Net P-ras MULTI version 3. Basically, Goonya Fighter is a crazy 4-player fighting game developed by MUTAN and released on Switch in 2019. It is aimed at "serious" players as well as those who just want to have fun and laugh. uses only 4 buttons but mastering the jumps and the direction of the shots is a real asset in the game. There are 90 different stages filled with objects and all sorts of crazy fighting rules can be applied to vary the fun. Sega has already announced that the characters of Virtua Fighter will be added in a future update.

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jp Pokémon MEZASTAR

Pokémon MEZASTARPokemon MEZASTAR will be released tomorrow. It is a card game from Marvelous! and is the successor to Pokémon Ga-Olé. The terminal looks like two Pokémon Ga-Olé terminals placed side by side. Pokemon MEZASTAR is co-op-oriented and two screens allow you to display the fights in wide-screen "Special Tag Battles" mode. Battles are played in 3vs3 Pokémon by performing simple actions such as pressing the right button, spinning a roulette wheel,... By filling in the "Get" gauge, you can try to catch one of your opponent's Pokémon, you then get it as a "Pokémon Support" card and you can use it as a support Pokémon in battles. Extra rare Pokémon called "Star Pokémon" including legendary and mythical ones are also available.

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jp Shikhondo Red Purgatory

Shikhondo Red PurgatoryShikhondo Red Purgatory is available now. This shoot'em up by Korean company DeerFarm is released on the exA-Arcadia system. The arcade version is vastly superior to the home version and can be considered like a Black Label edition as it features many improvement such as Tate mode, a complete story voiced in Japanese and English and music remixed by Wasi303 and Masayuki Shimano (from Kojima Productions). Depending on the character used, a different viewpoint to the story is revealed to the player. The action takes place in an Asian mythological world populated with yokai (Japanese demons). Up to 2 players can cooperate to destroy those yokai and collect their souls. Shikhondo Red Purgatory can be played in both 16:9 widescreen on a HD monitor and 4:3 SD on a CRT monitor. It supports both vertical (Tate) and horizontal (Yoko) modes. The game language can be set to English, Japanese and Korean. Shikhondo Red Purgatory kit includes the game cartridge, an A1 poster, a marquee/header, instruction strips in Japanese and English and manuals in Japanese/English. You can buy it from Red Sun Systems.

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jp Umihara Kawase Fresh!

Umihara Kawase Fresh!Umihara Kawase Fresh! is released today on Sega's ALL.Net P-ras MULTI version 3 in Japan. This is an adaptation of the platform game of the same name developed by Studio Saizensen and released in 2019 on Switch and PS4. Players used to the console version will not be disorientated since they can use a USB gamepad and different button configurations. Umihara Kawase is a series of platform games started in 1994 on Super Nintendo. Kawase is a young itinerant chef equipped with a fishing rod that can be used as a grappling hook, winch, bungee cord or even as a weapon to attack enemies. A new character is added to the arcade version: Super Sea Belly.

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jp Levels VS

Levels VSLevels VS is available on NESiCAxLive2 today. Levels VS is the arcade adaptation of the Android/iOS mobile game released in 2016. In this puzzle game, you must level up the blue panels, defeat the red panels, and collect the yellow panel to compete to get the higher score. In VS mode, yellow panel is magic. The more you collect yellow panels, the more powerful is the magic you can shoot. In mobile version of Levels, the color and level of the next panel was randomly determined. In this work, the panel that appears next will be determined depending on what kind of action you take. For example, if you defeat the red panel, the yellow panel will always appear. With this mechanism, the RPG-like motif "If you defeat a monster, you get a treasure" is more deeply linked to the system.

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jp Rolling Gunner

Rolling GunnerRolling Gunner is available on Sega ALL.Net P-ras MULTI version 3 today. Rolling Gunner is a 2D side-scrolling shooting game from Project Rolling Gunner. This is a cooperation of various people who love shooting games composed of Daisuke Koizumi (game director, program and game design), Jumpei Isshiki (game program), Nousyrup (game graphics, world settings, mechanical design) Pirou Ikeda (sprite animation), Cosio (sound composer, former ZUNTATA) and sht (game balancing adviser). Rolling Gunner features 3 buttons: Fire shot (hold to fix the position), Release Bomber (trigger power-up when energy gauge is full) and Automatically Fire Shot. Three different aircrafs are available: RF-42RS Super Stork (high-speed type), RF-42RX Stork (basic type) and RF-42RA Attack Stork (assault type). The story takes place in 2061 where a super computer named BAC has put Earth under its control and destroy the half of humanity. The remaining human population last hope is to use the Rolling Gun, an anti-BAC weapon. The story is divided in 6 levels (The Last Shining Star, Urban Warfare, Master and Servant, Root of Disaster, Heading for Space, Dark Side of the Moon). Each stage finish with a boss battle. Rolling Gunner is also available on PC and Switch.

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