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jp Umihara Kawase Fresh!

Umihara Kawase Fresh!Umihara Kawase Fresh! is released today on Sega's ALL.Net P-ras MULTI version 3 in Japan. This is an adaptation of the platform game of the same name developed by Studio Saizensen and released in 2019 on Switch and PS4. Players used to the console version will not be disorientated since they can use a USB gamepad and different button configurations. Umihara Kawase is a series of platform games started in 1994 on Super Nintendo. Kawase is a young itinerant chef equipped with a fishing rod that can be used as a grappling hook, winch, bungee cord or even as a weapon to attack enemies. A new character is added to the arcade version: Super Sea Belly.

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jp Levels VS

Levels VSLevels VS is available on NESiCAxLive2 today. Levels VS is the arcade adaptation of the Android/iOS mobile game released in 2016. In this puzzle game, you must level up the blue panels, defeat the red panels, and collect the yellow panel to compete to get the higher score. In VS mode, yellow panel is magic. The more you collect yellow panels, the more powerful is the magic you can shoot. In mobile version of Levels, the color and level of the next panel was randomly determined. In this work, the panel that appears next will be determined depending on what kind of action you take. For example, if you defeat the red panel, the yellow panel will always appear. With this mechanism, the RPG-like motif "If you defeat a monster, you get a treasure" is more deeply linked to the system.

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jp Rolling Gunner

Rolling GunnerRolling Gunner is available on Sega ALL.Net P-ras MULTI version 3 today. Rolling Gunner is a 2D side-scrolling shooting game from Project Rolling Gunner. This is a cooperation of various people who love shooting games composed of Daisuke Koizumi (game director, program and game design), Jumpei Isshiki (game program), Nousyrup (game graphics, world settings, mechanical design) Pirou Ikeda (sprite animation), Cosio (sound composer, former ZUNTATA) and sht (game balancing adviser). Rolling Gunner features 3 buttons: Fire shot (hold to fix the position), Release Bomber (trigger power-up when energy gauge is full) and Automatically Fire Shot. Three different aircrafs are available: RF-42RS Super Stork (high-speed type), RF-42RX Stork (basic type) and RF-42RA Attack Stork (assault type). The story takes place in 2061 where a super computer named BAC has put Earth under its control and destroy the half of humanity. The remaining human population last hope is to use the Rolling Gun, an anti-BAC weapon. The story is divided in 6 levels (The Last Shining Star, Urban Warfare, Master and Servant, Root of Disaster, Heading for Space, Dark Side of the Moon). Each stage finish with a boss battle. Rolling Gunner is also available on PC and Switch.

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jp Pengo! Online

Pengo! OnlineTriangle Service releases Pengo! Online on Sega ALL.Net P-ras MULTI version 3 today. Pengo! Online is based on the action puzzle Pengo (1982) that appeared in the early days of the arcade video game. Pengo! Online is playable up to 8 and players can join the game at any time! Furthermore, by touching another player on the touchscreen, you can send him the "nice" message.

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CHUNITHM CRYSTAL PLUSCHUNITHM CRYSTAL PLUS is out in Japan today. This upgrade of Sega rhythm game features a lot of new songs (LiSA, Gyari,...), events, collaborations (DanMachi, Black Rose,...) and. courses. New card designs are also available to print on the Card Maker.

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jp Sega announces Initial D The Arcade

Sega announces Initial D The ArcadeSega just unveiled the next Initial D arcade game during a live broadcast. The name of the game is Initial D The Arcade. It will be released for the 25th Anniversary of the manga and will follow the books story. The big new feature is the simultaneous 4-player touge battle. Yep, you read it right! 4 drivers on the same narrow mountain road! The game is powered by the Unreal engine and features eurobeat as BGM. The cabinet is the same as Initial D Arcade Stage Zero with new artwork. The game will be playable during the Initial D The Arcade Ignition special experience event. It will be held at Akib@ko on the fourth floor (5F) of Sega Akihabara building #5 on July 23th and 24th. Depending on the time of the day, players will be able to enjoy Online Battle, In-Store Battle and Time Trial modes. All attendants will receive an Initial D tote bag, fill in the survey after your game to get an Initial D AIME card and tweet a picture shot at the event place to get a sticker. 4 random visitors will win miniature cabinets. Other prizes can be won thanks to a Twitter campaign (in Japan only).

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jp DanceDanceRevolution A20 PLUS

DanceDanceRevolution A20 PLUSKonami releases DanceDanceRevolution A20 PLUS for the 20th anniversary cabinet today. The standard cabinet update will be out on July 6th. This new version includes new songs (Touhou Eurobeat) and new features. "Measure appropriate level" has been added for new players or players who have never cleared songs with a difficulty level of 7 or higher. With this function, they can know which difficulty level they can enjoy playing and recommended songs will be displayed in the measurement results. A new "NONSTOP A20 PLUS" course is available and there is also a CHALLENGE score that can be played only on the course.

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jp Quiz Magic Academy Kibo no Toki

Quiz Magic Academy Kibo no TokiQuiz Magic Academy 16 - Kibo no Toki is out in Japan today. This is the 16th instalment in the series started in 2003. Quiz Magic Academy 16 - Kibo no Toki features a new HD cabinet equipped with a 32" monitor, an USB port and a headphone port. New fonctions are available (only in the new cabinet): events calendar display, BGM and background selection. Players can enjoy a new game mode: Proof Wars. In this mode, players can prepare the questions before the test: new players can also win. Up to 9 players can play together.

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jp Lightning Knights

Lightning KnightsA new exA-Arcadia title is being released as game centers are slowly re-opening in Japan (with social distancing measures). The game in question is Lightning Knights. It's dungeon crawling game developed by Confused Pelican Games and Tikipod. It's also the first 4-player cooperative exA game (2-player games are supported as well). Only one set of the game is needed to offer this experience across two 2-player cabinets, all you need to do is chain link 2 JVS I/O boards using an USB cable and use a DVI-splitter for video. The goal of this game is to save the princess, but on your way to her, you'll have to confront hordes of monsters and big bosses, eat food dropped by enemies, use magic scrolls, find new weapons and collect coins to buy useful items at the cat's shop. The rooms are shifted around on each new play meaning that every game is different. Originally, this game was released on PC as "Iron Crypticle" but beside new characters, this refined arcade version also ditches the "twin stick" gameplay of the original for a simpler 8-way joystick and 3 buttons control method. Buttons are Attack, Atomic Fist (a powerful attack) and Dash. You have to keep the attack button to strafe (this replaces the need for a shooting stick). The arcade version has added voices and in-game text can be displayed in English, French, Spanish and Japanese languages. Check the trailer to see what the game looks like. Looks like fun, isn't it? All copies come with English and Japanese instruction strips and an A1-sized poster (as all exA-Arcadia games). Lightning Knights is available from the exA website and from the usual distributors (Red Sun Systems in Europe).

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jp Chaos Code -Exact Xeno Attack-

Chaos Code -Exact Xeno Attack-Chaos Code -Exact Xeno Attack- starts shipping today! This is the definitive version of Chaos Code, the popular 2D versus fighting game, featuring 16 characters with 16 costumes each, 16:9 and 4:3 monitors support and less input lag than Chaos Code -New Sign of Catastrophe-. Regarding languages; English, Korean and Traditional Chinese are supported. For more information, please refer to the news item of April 18th announcing the Chaos Code EXA pre-order. It may very well be F K Digital's final game so don't miss it! This game is is dedicated to the memory of Michael Lin, main game director of the Chaos Code series. Chaos Code -Exact Xeno Attack- is available as a software kit (cartridge) and in bundle with the exA-Arcadia mainboard. As with all exA-Arcadia games, an A1-sized poster is included in the box. It can be bought from the distributors that are Red Sun Systems for Europe, Safari Games and Kyowa for Japan and exA-Arcadia for the rest of the world.

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