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jp Taito announces Psychic Force 2012 for NESiCAxLive

Taito announces Psychic Force 2012 for NESiCAxLiveTaito just announced the future release of Psychic Force 2012 for NESiCAxLive. Psychic Force 2012 is a 3D fighting game out in arcades in 1998. A location test will be held from tomorrow until November 6th at Taito Station Shinjuku.

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jp Mobile Suit Gundam - Senjo no Kizuna REV.3.12

Mobile Suit Gundam - Senjo no Kizuna REV.3.12Mobile Suit Gundam - Senjo no Kizuna new update is out today. The two new mechas added are both coming from the OAV series Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team released between 1996 and 1999. The first is the RGM-79[G] GM Sniper from the Earth Federation and equipped with a long-range beam rifle and a beam saber. The second one is the MS-07H-8 Gouf Flight Type from the Principality of Zeon and equipped woth a 3-barrel 35mm machine gun, a gatling shield and a heat sword.

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jp EXAMU announces Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX

EXAMU announces Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAXToday, EXAMU has announced the release of an Arcana Heart 3's update on NESiCAxLive this winter. Based on the console version, Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX will support a 16:9 ratio even the game is still in 4:3 ratio, two bands giving information on characters will be added on each side as in The Rumble Fish 2 for NESiCAxLive. A traning mode will be available. Other changes will be done as new moves for each character.

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jp Border Break Union Ver. 3.0

Border Break Union Ver. 3.0Border Break third upgrade is playable in Japanese arcades since today. The main new feature is the new "Union Battle" game mode: a group of maximum 10 players faces enemy troops controlled by the CPU. Raika, a new mecha and a new map are now available. The new "True Ace" class exceeds the "EX" class. New mechas customisation features were developed and improvements have been made to weapons and chips.

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jp Shining Force Cross Elysion Ver.B

Shining Force Cross Elysion Ver.BShining Force Cross Elysion Ver.B is out today. Aside from a new opening, this update does not really introduce new features. The developers have focused on re-balancing weapons (damage, effects), magic (damage, MP consumption), ... And of course some new quests and a new scenario were added.

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jp Baseball Heroes 2012 - Pride of Professionals

Baseball Heroes 2012 - Pride of ProfessionalsBaseball Heroes 2012 - Pride of Professionals arrives in Japanese arcades today. Players will be pleased to use the latest version of Konami series featuring updated players and teams data. There are now 520 available cards and the new cards have a new design. There are 7 levels of rarity for cards: Regular-W, Regular-B, Super Rookie, Close Up, Trueborn Shinkenger, Special and Great. The game is still nationally playable and a tutorial has been added to teach the newcomers how to play Baseball Heroes. Different game modes allow to play locally against friends, play against the CPU, take part to the national tournament... Baseball Heroes 2012 is still compatible with the Professional Baseball Dream Nine mobile phone game.

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jp jubeat saucer

jubeat saucerjubeat saucer is the new episode in Konami musical touch-screen game series. For the first time in the series, song list will be updated via e-AMUSEMENT GATE each month with 15 or 20 new titles (licensed songs, BEMANI crossover, revivals or new songs). Fifteen former original Konami songs were removed from the playlist and now an animation rewards a full combo as in beatmania IIDX and DanceDanceRevolution. Another new feature is the bistro saucer. During result screen, the player has access to the ingredients he won during the game (each song played unlocks an ingredient). With these ingredients, he can compose dishes available in 4 sizes: small, medium, large and special. Small size dishes unlock the slowest songs and special dishes the fastest. Each completed dish unlocks a new song.

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jp Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Full Boost 4th update

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Full Boost 4th updateAvailable on September 25th, Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Full Boost 4th update adds two new mechas, a stage and a boss. The GAT-X102 Duel Gundam driven by Yzak Joule and coming from the animated series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED broadcasted between October 2002 and September 2003. Its costs 1000 pts and is equipped with "Igelstellung'"75mm Multi-barrel CIWS, Beam Saber, 57mm High-energy Beam Rifle, 175mm Grenade Launcher, Hyper Bazooka, "Shiva" 115mm Railgun, 220 mm 5-barrel Missile Pod, Shield. The GX-9900 Gundam X driven by Jamil Neate and coming from the animated series After War Gundam X broadcasted between April and December 1996. It costs 2500 pts and is equipped with Satellite Cannon, Shield Buster Rifle, Large Beam Sword, Torso Vulcan, Beam Rifle. Cost: 2500 pts. The new stage is the urban zone over the Earth Federation military base of Torrington located in Australia. And the new boss available in D route is the AMA-X7 Shamblo, an amphibian gundam from Neo Zeon and coming from the animated series Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn released in 2010. Its equipped with Mega Particle Diffusion Gun, Quad Missile Launcher, Triple Claw with Anti-beam Coating, Remote Control Arms, Reflector Bit.

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jp Chaos Breaker/Dark Awake for NESiCAxLive

Chaos Breaker/Dark Awake for NESiCAxLiveWhile Sega released its first games on ALL.Net P-RAS MULTI, Taito still rereleases old titles on NESiCAxLive. Yesterday, Chaos Breaker and its console version Dark Awake began a second life in arcade. Out late 2004 on Type X, Eolith's Chaos Breaker is a 2D fighting game taking place in a medieval fantasy world. The fights are 3 on 3, the main character can call his partners to help. The fighters are divided into classes: humans, elves and dwarves on one side and dark elves, goblins/orcs and undead on the other. Characters use weapons and they can have up to 3 items in stock to use during the fight: healing and mana potions, extra weapons, power bracelets, protection rings, ... Using items and calling partners decrease the player's mana. Dark Awake - The King has no name was released on PSN in 2010. This home version had trophy system support, online mode with ranking, and practice mode. These features are included in NESiCAxLive version. Note also that The Rumble Fish 2 for NESiCAxLive has been updated to version 1.1 which rebalances characters.

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jp ALL.Net P-RAS MULTI lauching

 ALL.Net P-RAS MULTI lauchingThe first games distributed via ALL.Net P-RAS MULTI arrive today. ALL.Net P-RAS MULTI is Sega's new distribution platform running on RingEdge 2. Indeed, Sega has decided to launch its own platform to compete with Taito's popular NESiCAxLive. There is strangely no game developed by Sega to inaugurate it... Titles currently available are: Under Night In-Birth from ECOLE/French Bread, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R by Arc System Works and Triangle Service's Ge-sen love. Under Night In-Birth features 11 characters and uses 4 buttons: Weak, Medium, Strong attack and EXS Action (enhance attack or guard). Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R story takes place 6 years after the events of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, two new playable characters are available for a total of 25 fighters. A lot of balance and tuning have been done to existing characters. Ge-sen love is a shoot'em up compilation including COMBATZEAL and two skills mini-games: Action Skill Test and a new version of Shmups Skill Test. A 4 player version of Pengo! was recently added to Ge-sen love. With ALL.Net P-RAS MULTI system, Sega rents games to operators and incomes are shared. This system allows easy game updates, network play, online rankings ... Aime cards and Bana Passport are both compatible with games running on this system.

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