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Sunparks (Vielsalm)
Sunparks (Vielsalm)

* Type
Leisure center

* Where
Rue de la Grotte 12
6690 Vielsalm

* Contact
Tel: 080/21 57 76

* Website

* Games
Confidential Mission 2P 2000 Sega [Naomi] Link
Maximum Speed (Twin) 2P 2003 Sammy [Atomiswave] Link
Rolling Extreme - Street Luge (Upright) 1P 1999 Gaelco [Gaelco 3D] Link
Scud Race (2x Twin) 4P 1996 Sega [Model 3] Link
Silent Scope 2 - Fatal Judgement 1P 2000 Konami [Hornet] Link
Sports Shooting USA 2P 2003 Sammy [Atomiswave] Link
Suzuka 8 Hours 2 (Twin) 2P 1993 Namco [System 2] Link
Time Crisis II (2P Link-up) 2P 1997 Namco [System 23] Link
Virtua Tennis 2P 1999 Sega [Naomi] Link

Contributed by Malkavian.


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