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Gate Ninety World (Nivelles)
Gate Ninety World (Nivelles)

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Rue de l'Industrie 7
1400 Nivelles
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Tel: 0496/10.82.12
Tel: 0497/46.35.27

* Games
Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends 4P alt 1993 Data East [Pinball] Link
Balzing Star 2P sim 1998 Yumekobo [Neo-Geo MVS] Link
Doctor Who 4P alt 1992 Bally [Pinball] Link
Double Dragon 2P sim 1987 Technos [PCB] Link
Final Fight 2P sim 1989 Capcom [CP System] Link
Fist of the North Star 2P sim 2005 Sega [Atomiswave] Link
Ghost Pilots 2P sim 1991 SNK [Neo-Geo MVS] Link
Jambo! Safari 1P 1999 Sega [Naomi] Link
Joe & Mac 2P sim 1991 Data East [PCB] Link
Knights of the Round 2P sim 1991 Capcom [CP System] Link
The Maze of the Kings 2P 2002 Sega [Naomi] Link
Metal Slug 2 - Super Vehicle-001/II 2P sim 1998 SNK [Neo-Geo MVS] Link
Metal Slug X - Super Vehicle-001 2P sim 1999 SNK [Neo-Geo MVS] Link
Mutation Nation 2P sim 1992 SNK [Neo-Geo MVS] Link
OutRun 2 (Twin) 2P 2003 Sega [Chihiro] Link
Percussion Freaks 1P 1999 Konami [Bemani System 573] Link
Pop'n Music 3 1P 1999 Konami [Bemani DJ-Main] Link
Puzzle Bobble 2P sim 1994 Taito [Neo-Geo MVS] Link
Real Puncher 2 4P alt 2011 Taito [Type X²] Link
Shanghai III 2P sim 1993 Sunsoft [PCB] Link
Shock Troopers 2P sim 1997 Saurus [Neo-Geo MVS] Link
Shock Troopers - 2nd Squad 2P sim 1998 Saurus [Neo-Geo MVS] Link
Silent Hill - The Arcade 2P sim 2007 Konami [PC] Link
Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom 2P sim 1990 Toaplan [PCB] Link
Street Fighter II 4P alt 1993 Gottlieb [Pinball] Link
Street Fighter II - The World Warrior 2P sim 1991 Capcom [CP System] Link
Sunset Riders 4P sim 1991 Konami [PCB] Link
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo 2P sim 1996 Capcom [CP-System II] Link
Time Crisis II (Twin) 2P 1997 Namco [System 23] Link
Ultra Street Fighter IV 2P sim 2014 Capcom/Taito [Type X³] Link
Waterworld 4P alt 1995 Gottlieb [Pinball] Link
Wheel of Fortune 4P alt 2007 Stern Pinball [Pinball] Link
Windjammers - Flying Disc Game 2P sim 1994 Data East [Neo-Geo MVS] Link
WWF Royal Rumble 2P sim 2000 Sega [Naomi] Link
Zero Gunner 2 2P sim 2001 Psikyo [Naomi] Link

Contributed by Gate Ninety World. Photo by Gate Ninety World.
Last update: 23/10/2020



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