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jp Studio Saizensen announces MilkChan

Studio Saizensen announces MilkChanStudio Saizensen (Umihara Kawase) has just announced a new game that will be released late July on Sega ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Version 3. MilkChan is a 1P platform game where the heroine, Milk-chan, must deliver milk to the king at the highest floor of his castle. The gameplay is simple: you use your arm-punch to propel yourself through stages. You can punch the ground to launch yourself into the air and punch walls to jump diagonally. There are a lot of traps in stage and you have to be skikkful to reach to stages top. There are a time limit per stage and when you die, you instantly revive and can try again as long as there is time remaining. You can find extending time items throughout each stage. You will occasionally receive stamps as you progress through the game. You can place them anywhere you want by pressing the "Place Stamp" button. Other players can see your stamps, yYou can also attach comments on the stamps so you can give helpful hints to other players. To celebrate the release of the game, the first three players who finish the game will be awarded with a MilkChan Fastest Clear Trophy (with signature). To enter the competition, you have to use an Aime card or a compatible card. You can see MilkChan trailer here: .

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jp Bombergirl Rainbow

Bombergirl RainbowBombergirl Rainbow starts operation today. In this update, a new Bombergirl is introduced: Platinum (Bomber type), she can hold a lot of bombs. There is a total of 22 girls already available: 6 Bomber, 5 Attacker, 6 Shooter and 5 Blocker. The online battle maps from the console version are added: Karakuri Castle 3, Hieres Village (melting snow) and Panic Island 6. There are also some changes in class and rank: the Grand Master is now "Grand Master C" and the girls rank has been raised to 135. In single battle, you can now rent and use a Bombergirl that you have not acquired but her rank will not increase if you win. The Startup Stamp, which collects stamps for each play, has been renewed, making it easier to acquire characters and items. Some adjustements are made to battle and skills. If you play the updated version, you will not be able to play the previous version. But a all data will be carried over to Bombergirl Rainbow.

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jp Rumble Storm X

Rumble Storm XRumble Storm X is released today! After Bad Ass Babes Kiss, this is the second game to be released on the Hawt Pink Club system. Rumble Storm X is an oldschool solo shoot'em up made by StudioS (Strip Fighter 5). When mechanical creatures appear to destroy Earth, Reika climbs into her experimental XEX ship that can convert human emotions into energy to repel them. The ship has 3 firing modes with 9 power levels each. It is also equipped with an automatic avoidance system (named a-ch0) that allows you to escape enemy fire at the last moment. As with all shoot'em ups, there are many subtleties in the scoring, such as the fact that your shots are more powerful when you are in proximity to enemies (which makes you earn more points). There are also bonus points hidden throughout the levels. On the technical side, the game is only playable on horizontal screens, despite being a vertical scrolling shooting game, the picture of a camera pointed at the pilot (a girl with a generous chest drawn in manga style) is displayed on the left side of the screen and the score as well as various information (number of bombs, shooting and speed levels) are displayed on the right side. The game runs at a constant speed of 60fps and is very responsive as the input delay is of only 2 frames. Like all Hawt Pink Club games, there are scenes that should not be exposed to all eyes, such as the sexual torture scenes endured by Reika's partner Yui when she is abducted by the machines. Similarly, Reika's ship is powered by her emotions, which leads to scenes of penetration to make it work... The good news is that all pornographic elements can be disabled in test mode to make the game suitable to all audiences, as you can see in the trailer. The other good news (for those who don't know) is that the game is compatible with exA-Arcadia systems! As with all exA games, Rumble Storm X comes with all the necessary artwork and a poster. The game is distributed by Hacker Global in Japan and by Red Sun Systems in Europe.

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jp Konami announces jubeat Ave.

Konami announces jubeat Ave.Konami just announced the new major version upgrade of the music game jubeat: jubeat Ave. There will be many original songs by returning artists but also by new artist. To celebrate the version upgrade, a musical score contest for the theme song Explore Every Ave. started in the smartphone app jubeat today and will last until July 7th. The released date is not yet announced.

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NOISZ ARC⌖CODAA new title is available from today on exA-Arcadia: NOISZ ARC⌖CODA. It is a 1P rhythm & shooting game developed by Anarch Entertainment (created by the developers of Pump It Up Infinity and NeonFM). NOISZ was released in 2018 on PC and its sequel NOISZ re:||VERSE in 2020. Battles in NOISZ are an unparalleled experience, merging the intensity of classic shooter gameplay with an immersive rhythmic mechanic, with each level closely tied to the music. NOISZ ARC⌖CODA brings a revamped and speedier gameplay, more challenging stages and all content from NOISZ and re:||VERSE. The game also features 6 new exclusive levels including a duel against the super boss NOISZ Beast Genbu and 40 songs are available (the track list can be found here). Many voices have been added. Visual and audio cues as well as tutorials have been added to help the player get a feel for the action. Players can share their ranking online via a QR code. As always with exA-Arcadia games, input lag is minimal. NOISZ ARC⌖CODA is distributed by Red Sun Systems and the kit includes a poster, a header, instruction strips (Japanese, English) and a manual (Japanese, English).

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jp Shadow Gangs X

Shadow Gangs XShadow Gangs X is a ninja action game similar to Shinobi that is released today on exA-Arcadia. It is developed by British studio JKM Corp. The arcade version features redesigned and shorter levels, as well as a playable female character. Like in Shinobi, the players have to take turns. You play as Dan or Erika in their quest to stop the evil Shadowlord and rescue your fellow clansmen. When you power up, you transform yourself into your ninja form. Shadow Gangs X features 4K visuals designed by Tekken 7 illustrator, jbstyle. and the soundtrack is arranged by Keishi Yonao. The game is compatible 16:9 HD Widescreen and 4:3 SD CRT and you can display scan lines. You can order your gamekit from Red Sun Systems, it contains a A1 Poster, a header, instruction strips (Japanese/English) and manual (Japanese/English).

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jp Taito announces MUSIC DIVER

Taito announces MUSIC DIVERTaito announced a new arcade game named MUSIC DIVER scheduled to start operation this winter. This is is a musical game that uses 2 stick to hit two types of input areas: the screen device and the edge device that surrounds it. Each is divided into upper, lower, left and right and there are a total of 8 locations. During play, notes appear from the center of the screen according to the music and flow toward the outer circumference, so if you hit the input area specified when the judgment line is reached with the stick at the right time, the input will be successful. Each song has four different levels of difficulty: "EASY", "NORMAL", "HARD", and "EXTREAM".  The songs are divided into 12 levels from 1 to 12. The biggest feature of this game is the "Create Dive" mode. In this mode, you can freely arrange the notes of the song and create a musical score of your choice, and you can change the instrument that sounds when you hit it. The created musical score can be saved on the amusement IC card, and can be uploaded to the server and shared with other players. MUSIC DIVER location tests will be held at Round 1 in Yokohama and Osaka from May 27th to 29th.

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hu Neotris

NeotrisReleased towards the end of 2021 on NeoGeo console, Neotris is finally available in MVS format. This variation of Tetris made by Chips on Steroids offers a caravan mode, a two-player versus mode and a single player mode where it is possible to play with or without time limit. The game is very colourful and has a funky atmosphere. You have to clear a certain number of lines in order to reach the next level, which grants you with a 3D bonus stage where you have to catch stars and a nice animation that tells you a bit of the story. As far as the gameplay is concerned, it is of course possible to rotate the pieces in both directions and bring them down directly. But it is also possible to put a piece aside to use it later. It should be noted that unlike the console version, this MVS version does not support the Neotap or the official SNK 4-player adapter, so it is not possible for more than 2 players to play at the same time. In addition to the game cartridge, the MVS kit includes a mini-marquee, flyers and an instruction sheet. Neotris is available for 180€ + shipping (35€ for Europe, 50€ outside Europe). To order it, send your details (name, surname, address, phone number and Paypal email address) to and you will be contacted back.

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CHUNITHM NEW PLUSCHUNITHM NEW PLUS is out in Japan today. New songs are available and new collaborations are held until May 11th. The first one with the TV anime Tokyo Revengers. The second one with Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku Episode 2. You can get, character nameplate by advancing the event map. The Groove Coaster and The Irregular at Magic High School collaboration event and will reappear until June 8th. In addition to the characters you got in the previous event, you can now get new nameplates. If you couldn't get the character at the previous event, please take this opportunity to participate in the event.

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BASEBALL COLLECTION SEASON 2022The new version of BASEBALL COLLECTION is out in Japan today. To celebrate the release of BASEBALL COLLECTION SEASON 2022, two campaign are held until Arpil 27th: a Startup Campaign for youg players and an Opening Stamp Campaign tp get items that are useful for training.

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