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jp Quiz Magic Academy MAXIVCORD

Quiz Magic Academy MAXIVCORDKonami celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Quiz Magic Academy this year and releases a new game: Quiz Magic Academy MAXIVCORD. Besides the usual quiz game, a brand new card game is now available. In "Record Arena" mode, you can uses digital cards to battle against other opponents. The game features 3 game modes: "Tutorial" for beginners, "Character Battle" vs CPU characters and "Rank Match", online battle with other players. When you play Quiz Magic Academy MAXIVCORD, you can earn items for the mobile game Quiz Magic Academy Lost Fantarium.

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jp Love Live! School Idol Festival ~ after school ACTIVITY ~ Next Stage announced

Love Live! School Idol Festival ~ after school ACTIVITY ~ Next Stage announcedSquare Enix announced location test dates for Love Live! School Idol Festival ~ after school ACTIVITY ~ Next Stage. Two location tests will be held from June 22 to 24 and June 29 to July 1st. 14 songs will be playable during the loctests, 4 songs will be new titles such as Energetic fully open DAY! DAY! DAY!, We know the future and Strawberry Trapper. The fist title of the series was released in December 2016. With this new game, Square Enix introduces new gameplay functions. There will be a new music notation "PLUS" and, in addition to the usual rhythm buttons, two new buttons named "decision button" and "cancel button" will be added. Futhermore, a new feature allows the player to go out in town with the band members after playing!

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us Pre-order opens for Zuntata Arcade Classics Volume Three

Pre-order opens for Zuntata Arcade Classics Volume ThreeZuntata Arcade Classics Volume Three vinyl is available for pre-order at Ship to Shore Phono Co. It contains musical themes from Bubble Bobble (Tadashi Kimijima), Bubble Symphony (Yasuko Yamada), Pu-Li-Ru-La (Kazuko Umino), Gun Frontier (Hidetoshi Fukumori) and Rayforce (Tamayo Kawamoto). This transparent disc with blue and green splatter is presented in a gatefold sleeve that opens in two parts revealing Zuntata archive photos and liner notes by Jeremy Parish of the Retronauts podcast. Zuntata Arcade Classics Volume 3 is priced at $25.00, orders will be shipped in mid-May. Previous volumes of the Zuntata (Taito Sound Team) Arcade Classics series are still available in the Ship to Shore Phono Co. online store: Volume one featuring Night Striker, Metal Black and Elevator Action Returns and Volume two dedicated to Darius (a game released 31 years ago) and his innovative themes composed by Hisayoshi Ogura. Click Here to preorder Zuntata Arcade Classics Volume Three.

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be Rampage movie hits Belgian screens today

Rampage movie hits Belgian screens todayRampage is released in Belgian cinemas today! This is obviously the adaptation of the Rampage arcade game released by Bally Midway in 1986. Everyone knows this game where players control three giant monsters (a gorilla, a wolf and a lizard) and destroy whole cities across the United States. This fun and humorous game got an arcade sequel in 1997 entitled Rampage World Tour. As its name suggests, our monstrous friends are conquering the world with ever so much humour and updated graphics. In 2009, Warner Bros. acquired Midway Games for $33 million, giving it access to intellectual properties such as Mortal Kombat, Spy Hunter, Joust and Rampage. Here is the first cinematic result of this acquisition with Rampage. For this adaptation, Warner Bros. has given itself the means of its ambitions by allocating a budget of $120 million to the production and by hiring wrestler and action star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for the leading role. Director Brad Peyton is in command, a wise choice because he previously directed the very good disaster film San Andreas, also starring Dwayne Johnson. In the United States, several premieres took place in the presence of the creators of the original games: Brian F. Colin and Jeff Neuman of Game Refuge Inc. As usual with this kind of adaptation, some liberties are taken with the original story since George, Ralph and Lizzie are here mutated animals and no longer humans. In addition, Lizzie is a crocodile in the film and not a lizard. The result is to be discovered in 3D on the silver screen now! It is interesting that Warner Bros. chose to adapt a game inspired by movies like King Kong and Godzilla to the cinema, we can say they have come full circle. What will be the next Midway game movie adaptation? We are still waiting for news of the Mortal Kombat reboot to be directed by Simon McQuoid...

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jp Groove Coaster 4 Starlight Road

Groove Coaster 4 Starlight RoadGroove Coaster 4 Starlight Road is out today. Taito introduces 20 new songs in this new version. To celebrate the game release, 2 events are proposed to the players. The first one is a collaboration with idol band (でんぱ組.inc) that also starts today: players can win special avatars and titles and Mirin Furukawa as a navigator. Of course,'s new song Ψ発見伝! is playable. The second event is a collaboration with the smartphone rhythm game Lanota, this event will start tomorrow and will end at the end of April. During the event, a Groove Coaster song will be playable in Lanota and a Lanota song will be playable in Groove Coaster every week. Furthermore, on April 4, Groove Coaster ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 2018 Vol.1"DREAM" will be released. It contains 28 tracks including songs from Groove Coaster 3 EX Dream Party and the theme song of Groove Coaster 4 Starlight Road.

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jp Groove Coaster 4EX Infinity Highway

Groove Coaster 4EX Infinity HighwayGroove Coaster 4EX Infinity Highway is out in Japan today. Taito starts a collaboration with DJMAX RESPECT and two new navigators are available.

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DANCERUSH STARDOMKonami releases DANCERUSH STARDOM, a new musical game to celebrate DanceDanceRevolution's 20th anniversary. This new title allows players to enjoy Shuffle Dance simply by moving their body according to the screen instructions. Shuffle Dance is a dance style featuring steps that slip your feet according to EDM (Electronic Dance Music). There are 4 types of instructions appearing on the screen: step, long, jump and crouch. Each time the payer makes a step on the floor, the large sensor panel glows seven colors on the floor and the LEDs light up. Two players can play together on the same cabinet and 4 players can compete on 2 cabinets. In 2 players mode, the 1st player stands in front and plays with the orange notes and the 2nd players stands behind and plays with the blue notes. A camera records the players and they can upload the movie on Youtube. You can watch DANCERUSH STARDOM trailer here.

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jp Taiko no Tatsujin: Blue Ver.

Taiko no Tatsujin: Blue Ver.A new version of Taiko no Tatsujin is out today: Taiko no Tatsujin: Blue Ver. As its name implies the new design is blue themed based on the colour of the sky. There are 10 new songs already available today including anime songs such as Hope by Namie Amuro which is the current opening of One Piece, Pop Team Epic opening by Sumire Uesaka and also game musics such as a Splatoon 2 medley.

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jp SEGA World Drivers Championship

SEGA World Drivers ChampionshipSEGA World Drivers Championship is released in Japan today. This racing game bears the official Super GT license and features 45 cars from both GT300 and GT500 classes (Toyota 86, Toyota Prius, Subaru BRZ,...). The game allows the player to become a member of a racing team where he aims to win the championship. He gets advice and cheering from the team between races and he can also listen to the team radio by pressing the red button on the steering wheel while driving. A driver's skill gauge is displayed on the screen while driving. It increases depending on how well the player drives. A LED indicator is installed over the steering wheel: it displays speed, gear, tachometer, specified speed information for each corner. SEGA World Drivers Championship uses the same cabinet as Initial D Arcade Stage Zero with a AIME card reader and a 6-speed speed shifter. Only the topper and the steering wheel are different: speeds can be changed on the steering wheel. Up to 10 players can compete online. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 to faithfully reproduce the Super GT cars.

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be Télévideogames 3

Télévideogames 3Gamers are generous! It's a fact! And it's time to show it again with the third edition of Telévideogames! This year, Les Players du Dimanche set the bar even higher with a 75-hour broadcast, live from Quai 10 in Charleroi. The goal is of course to earn a lot of money for the Télévie in order to fund research against cancer. During these 75 hours, many guests will appear on the show including Frédéric Zolfanelli (Sparadrap in n00b web-series) and many Youtubers such as Benzaie, Chef Otaku, Math se fait des films, Jojol 67, LucassTV, EXVSK, Beanie, DB Times, Gonzaroo, The Kairi 78, Kenny, Lucasha and Anthox Colaboy. Your generosity is rewarded because each donation will allow you to win many prizes including consoles, games and accessories. For the first time, Arcade Belgium joins the cause and will bring many arcade machines set on freeplay at Quai 10 for the duration of the show. Do not hesitate to come and play! The live broadcast will air on Twitch, Facebook and Youtube. It will start on March 15 at 6:00pm and wll end on March 18 at 9:00pm. You will find all the information on Telévideogames website.

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