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jp Chaos Code

Chaos CodeAnnounced since 2007 and then disappeared for a long time, Chaos Code is finally at the end of its journey since it's in Japan released today. Initially expected to be a 2D online fighting game on PC, it was developed by Taiwanese branch of Australian studio FK Digital, it runs on RingEdge and is distributed by Sega. The eleven characters are customizable: they each have four special moves and the player must develop a different combat strategy for each one. Before a battle, player must choose which special moves he wants to use. Using combos is very important during the game but they are easily achievable, the creators of Chaos Code, Michael and Mickey Lin wish to release a game that even beginners can have fun with. Chaos Code has a neat realization: backgrounds are varied and detailed and the fighters have many animations, some are pretty funny...

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fr Katsuhiro Harada & Yu Suzuki @ Toulouse Game Show

Katsuhiro Harada & Yu Suzuki @ Toulouse Game ShowThe next edition of TGS (Toulouse Game Show) will be held from November 26 to 27 in the "Espaces de Congrès et d'Exposition de Toulouse Labège". This show, which is now in its fourth edition, is dedicated to video games, manga, anime and Asian culture, gathers professional associations and of course passionates (25,000 visitors attended the event in 2010). Two guests comming from arcade stage are announced: Katsuhiro Harada (Tekken) that will be part of Namco Bandai representatives and Yu Suzuki (After Burner, Virtua Fighter). They will be present during the two days of the show and participate in conferences, meetings questions/answers and book signings.

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uk Robert Brown passes away

Robert Brown passes awayIt's with a deep sadness that we learn about the death of Robert Brown who was credit controller at Electrocoin (European distributor of Konami, Stern and Taito) for 24 years. He died on Thursday (July 28th) following a short illness. Robert had been hospitalized earlier last month but after undergoing tests and receiving treatment, he returned home and was feeling better. Unfortunately, he died two weeks later. The funeral will be held on Tuesday, August 9 at Breakspear Crematorium on Breakspear Road in Ruislip, Middlesex (UK) at 11:45. Our sincere condolences to his family, colleagues and friends.

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jp Shin Koihime † Musou ARCADE EDITION

Shin Koihime † Musou ARCADE EDITIONShin Koihime † Musou ARCADE EDITION is out in Japan today. This 2D fight game is an adaptation of a hentai game developed by BaseSon and released on PC in 2007. An animated series was also released in 2008. The story takes place at the end of the Han Dynasty and the beginning of the Three Kingdoms period and features Kanu, a girl whose family was murdered and who joins a band of bandits hunters to protect innocent people. The game features only female fighters and uses a system of "assist": the player first chooses his fighter among the ten proposed and then his "assist" among the six available. Shin Koihime † Musou ARCADE EDITION is the first game that runs on the Neo Standard system (CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo G6950, RAM: max 8GB, Video: Geforce 220). The graphics are very colorful and the backgrounds are superb and very detailed.

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jp Mobile Suit Gundam - Senjo no Kizuna REV 3

Mobile Suit Gundam - Senjo no Kizuna REV 3Mobile Suit Gundam - Senjo no Kizuna REV 3 is released today. This major update features some changes in the cockpit: Bandai Namco wanted to make the game more immersive by improving sreen display (more info are displayed) and sound (especially weapons and explosions). Another new feature is BANA Passport use: previous IC cards data are transferred to the BANA Passport (the player must acquire one at the first game if he doesn't already own one) and data of the two factions (Earth Federation and Zeon) can be saved both on the same card. Futhermore, by registering on BANA Passport website, a player who lost his card can recover data on a new card. In terms of gameplay, changes have been made: players are divided by class and now they fight against other players of the same class. To move to the upper class, he will have to pass a promotion! And a player whose performance is in decline will be retrograded ... Winning battles grants victory points to purchase new Gundam (availability depending on player's level).

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jp Darius Burst - Another Chronicle EX

Darius Burst - Another Chronicle EXIn June, Taito has announced being working on Darius Burst - Another Chronicle EX but there weren't any informations about the game available. It's actually a big update of Darius Burst - Another Chronicle that will be held in two phases: the 1st one (Ver.1.13) is released tomorrow and the 2nd one (Ver.1.14) will be out later but there's still no date scheduled. There are Ver.1.13 main features: enhanced graphics, new ships in original modes, new boss, a tutorial, enhanced power-up system. New artworks are available to transform a Darius Burst - Another Chronicle in EX version. As we are not able to test it in Europe, don't forget that Darius Burst - Another Chronicle is playable in London at Casino on Goodge Street.

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jp Lord of Vermilion Re:2

Lord of Vermilion Re:2It's today that Lord of Vermilion Re:2 is released. This new version of the online action RPG from Square Enix that celebrated on July 17 its 3 years old features a set of new cards (still as beautiful) and new characters from famous video games. The newcomers are: Guan from Sangokushi Taisen 3 War Begins (Sega), Kyo Kusanagi from The King of Fighters '98 (SNK Playmore), Laguna and Noel from BlazBlue Continuum Shift II (Arc System Works) and Kuja and Eiko from Final Fantasy IX (Square Enix). New characters BGM are remixes of themes from their original game. To promote Lord of Vermilion Re:2 release, Weekly Famitsu (28/07) and Arcadia Magazine (07/30) will each offer a card of the game. Official guide will be out on July 28 and it will also be accompanied by a card, it can be ordered from Square Enix online store.

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jp Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade Ver.A REVISION2

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade Ver.A REVISION2Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade Ver.A REVISION2 will be available tomorrow in Japan. This revision adds 14 new costumes for Miku & friends and as it's summer, everyone has a new swimsuit... Some new clothes come from Project DIVA 2nd (released on PSP in 2010 but still being updated). Five new songs were also added. IC cards used with REVISION2 are still compatible with REVISION1.

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jp Sengoku Taisen 1570 : Devil of Shangluo

Sengoku Taisen 1570 : Devil of ShangluoSengoku Taisen 1570 : Devil of Shangluo is the title of Sengoku Taisen 1560 update that is out today. The war continues to ravage Japan. The daimyo Oda Nobunaga takes gradually the powers of the shogun Yoshiaki. This one forms an anti-Nobunaga alliance with other daimyo to stop his conquests. Nobunaga kills with no hesitation many civilians (mostly women and children) to achieve his goal and thus earns his nickname of Demon King. Two new forces appears in the game: Asai Asakura clan and Hongan-ji, a school of Buddhist monks. Kana Hanazawa and Tomokazu Sugita, two popular "seiyū", double the new characters. A hundred new cards were made for this new edition, the former are of course still compatible. Balance adjustments were made ​​to make the game easier to play and now the "sniping" function is available for firearms.

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jp Let's Go Island 3D

Let's Go Island 3D3D version of Let's Go Island - Lost on the Island of Tropics is available now in Japan. Let's Go Island 3D features two atypical characters: Beth, an unpopular girl and Zack, an useless guide, which will meet in an adventure filled with sea monsters, insects and other killers crustaceans. The main innovation is of course the 3D effect with no glasses required. Sega has opted for a stereoscopic 3D display: once inside the cabinet, the players are literally immersed in the action thanks to the 52" 3D screen but also because of the wind gusts blowing on their face. Gameplay is similar to the standard Let's Go Island: shooting the same enemies and passing mini-games with the action button will increase compatibility gauge between partners. Let's Go Island 3D runs on RingEdge.

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