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jp Shining Force Cross Raid

Shining Force Cross RaidThe first upgrade for Shining Force Cross, named Shining Force Cross Raid, is released today. It brings new events to which 6 players can participate (instead of 4 in Shining Force Cross). A new species (elf) makes its appearance, new weapons, new items and new monsters have been added and new skills are also available. As a reminder, Shining Force Cross was the first arcade version of the famous Shining series, an Action-RPG from Sega. Shining Force Cross Raid uses ALL.NET network and runs on RingEdge.

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jp Tekken Tag Tournament Turbo

Tekken Tag Tournament TurboTekken Tag Tournament Turbo is a special version of Tekken Tag Tournament made in 1999. Some players had the chance to play this game during the few times it was seen in operation. TTT Turbo is twice as fast as the original game and the gravity is altered to allow characters to do superhuman jumps and float during projections easing longer combos. All characters have different animations and some are even invisible. Why talk about it again ten years later? Because Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada said today that Tekken Tag Tournament Turbo was indeed a limited official edition (made for a special event) and not another pirate version à la Street Fighter II Rainbow Edition. He also published three videos of the game on TwitVid: video 1, video 2, video 3.

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de Fast Striker Ver. 1.5

Fast Striker Ver. 1.5Version 1.5 of Fast Striker was just released. This update offers a new Omake game mode. This is Maniac mode with 8 times more bullets, more enemies and new attack patterns. This new difficulty level was especially created with Japanese players in mind, those being used to more difficult shoot'em ups. Other changes: maximum chain number has been raised from 2047 to 4095 and D button is now used as auto-fire. A video showing Omake mode is available on YouTube. Fast Striker Ver. 1.5 MVS kit is available for €599.00 (Neo-Geo MVS mainboard required). If you own the original Fast Striker cartridge, please contact NG:DEV.TEAM consumer service and provide the serial number of your cart to obtain the update for free.

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jp Mahjong Fight Club ultimate version

Mahjong Fight Club ultimate versionMahjong Fight Club ultimate version is available in Japan today. This "ultimate" version of the Konami game is playable online across the country and content will be added regularly. Konami opts for diversity by offering several game modes. Battles and rankings can be watched on an additionnal screen. Mahjong Fight Club ultimate version uses the e-AMUSEMENT PASS and players owning a compatible phone can use it to save their data.

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jp Dragon Ball Heroes

Dragon Ball HeroesDragon Ball Heroes, highly anticipated by Dragon Ball series fans, is out today. This is card game developed by Bandai and it uses Carddas cards. The game succeeds Dragon Ball Z Kai - Dragon Battlers released last year. When the player starts the game, he chooses an avatat who will level up during the game: he can get "hero", "elite" and "berserk" titles. The game board is divided into two zones: the orange is called "Attack Area" and the blue "support area", so the player must place his cards wisely... There are a total of 58 cards with 30 "common" 15 "rare", 9 "super rare" and 4 "Ultimate rare".

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jp Sengoku Taisen 1560: Battle of Okehazama

Sengoku Taisen 1560: Battle of OkehazamaSega launches today in Japan a new card-based strategy game. Sengoku Taisen 1560: Battle of Okehazama is played using cards that representing armies led by warlords (such as Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi) of the Sengoku period (very troubled time in Japan from the mid 15th century until the end of the 16th century and ending with the unification of Japan). Sengoku Taisen goal is to attack and destroy enemy castles by using cards. The player moves his cards on the board and the army on the screen relects the movement. In Scenario mode, different events occur for each card. Futhermore, the feature "Touch Action" is used to trigger special actions when an army meets specific conditions. Sengoku Taisen can be played online throughout Japan.

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fr Kumite #1

Kumite #1Neo-Arcadia organizes a Street Fighter II X - Grand Master Challenge tournament on Sunday November 13 at 14 o'clock. Neo-Arcadia arcade is located in rue de Bayard in Toulouse (France). Many players from all around Europe will meet there. Register now (€5.00) on the event website to take your chance to win the €160.00 cash prize. Matches will be broadcast live on the net and will be commented by Ken Bogard. Some rules: game in Japanese version, this single tournament will take place on 2 New Astro City arcade cabinets in versus setup with new Seimitsu LS-32 joysticks and Sanwa buttons, first player to win 2 rounds win the match, game speed is set to 3 and all characters are authorized except Gouki (Akuma). Single and team tournaments of Super Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360 version) will also be held during the whole weekend with a Sega New Astro City cabinet for the winner.

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jp Reflec Beat

Reflec BeatKonami's Bemani family expands today with the release in Japan of Reflec Beat. It's of course a musical game but this time it is played on a touch screen. The principle is simple: the player must touch a circle on the screen at the right moment to score points. Sometimes he has to touch it quickly, sometimes long, sometimes there will be several rounds to touch at the same time ... Two players can compete with two machines linked up. Reflec Beat uses PASELI payment system and is compatible with the e-AMUSEMENT pass to save data and e-AMUSEMENT for MOBILE that locates places where the game is available but also to view profile and listen game musics on mobile phone.

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eu Super Bikes 2 hits Europe

Super Bikes 2 hits EuropeSuper Bikes 2, the new crazy mororcycle game from Raw Thrills, hits Europe today! What's new compared to the first installment released in 2006? The machine has been completely redesigned: the screen is bigger (42" instead of 27), cabinet colour changed from red to yellow and there are many more LEDs to attract the public. Game content is not left on the roadside with 11 new courses (20 in total), 12 new bikes (in addition to 9 rides from the previous version), new stunt moves and new shortcuts to discover. Up to 8 machines can be connected for heated races with friends. It is worth noting that unlike Nirin or Manx TT, Super Bikes 2 offers off-road racing where the player's performance allow him to upgrade his bike, he can then save his progress using a PIN code and pick up his tuned bike back later. Like other Raw Thrills titles, the game does not take itself seriously, it's fun that matters, and we can be confident on that point! The races take place in locations like Chicago, Las Vegas, Paris, Detroit, Dubai, Monaco and Shanghai, but also in the Himalayas and even in space! But while courses are fanciful, the vehicles are existing models: Kawasaki 450F, Ninja ZX-14, Vulcan 2000 Classic, Yamaha Warrior, R1, VMax, Ducati 1198s, Monster, Streetfighter, ... Super Bikes 2 is available at all Bandai Namco Games European distributors.

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jp Star Horse 2 - Final Destination

Star Horse 2 - Final DestinationThe fifth expansion of Star Horse 2 will be released tomorrow in Japan. This new version of Sega's horse racing medal game is called Final Destination. The player always raises horses and is competing in derbies. It is of course always possible to use horses created in previous versions and saved on the card STARHORSE.NET as well as purchased articles, scores, rankings. The best horses and jockeys will join the Hall of Fame.

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