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uk Preview 2011 cancelled

Preview 2011 cancelledPreview 2011 exhibition that would be held in London on October 20 and 21 is cancelled. Organizer Howard & Wikberg Promotions had to make this difficult decision due to the very bad health of the British coin-op market. Next year, the situation will reviewed and factors such as a better economic climate, improvement in the coin-op market and concessions made by the new Governement towards the industry could make the Preview 2012 happen. Meanwhile, next big amusement trade show in London will be EAG Expo in January 2011.

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tw DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou Tamashii

DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou TamashiiA special edition of 2002 Cave shoot'em up "DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou" is released today. Named Tamashii, this new version features an easy mode for beginners. This title is available in PGM2 cartridge format and since it's aimed at Chinese market, the game features this language but can be switched to English. Only a few units were manufactured. The full kit including both mainboard and cartridge can be ordered for €800 at Excellent (Hong Kong) and Sophia Corporation (Tokyo).

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jp Pac-Man 30th Anniversary

Pac-Man 30th AnniversaryHere's 30 years that Pac-Man chases ghosts. Namco Bandai Games has decided to celebrate this anniversary with a website created for the occasion. Here, you will discover many products: t-shirts, toys, costumes, wine glasses, a wallet and a limited edition wrist watch (500 copies worldwide). Google search engine joins the party with an "Insert Coin" button on its homepage. This button allows you to play Pac-Man in a level representing the Google logo. The game is complete with intermissions. Clicking the button a second time causes Ms. Pac-Man to appear and allows simultaneous multiplayer gameplay (use WASD keys to control the second character, too bad for Azerty keyboards). About multiplayer, a new arcade game made an appearance at the Amusement Expo 2010 (Las Vegas) two months ago and will be featured at next month's E3 Expo (Los Angeles). It's called Pac-Man Battle Royale and allows 4 players to compete simultaneously on a cocktail table.

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R3PLAYR3PLAY (pronounced "Replay") is a brand new show celebrating gaming history. Presented in association with Retro Gamer and gamesTM magazines, this event aims to make discover to gamers of all ages gaming systems from the 1970s to present day. More than 300 systems will be available in free-play: consoles, coin-ops (retro and new) and computers. Visitors will have the opportunity to take part in prize gaming competitions, listen to Q&A sessions with guest speakers, participate in workshops, view galleries of video game artwork, win raffle prizes, tender bids in a special auction, purchase games, systems and memorabilia. Hosted by TV personality and videogame fanatic Gail Porter, the R3PLAY expo will take place at the Norbreck Castle Exhibition Centre in Blackpool on November 2010 6th and 7th. Prices are £12 for single-day entry and £20 for a weekend ticket. Visit the official website for more info.

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de New Neo-Geo MVS game: Fast Striker

New Neo-Geo MVS game: Fast StrikerA new vertical shooter will soon emerge for the Neo-Geo MVS, its name: Fast Striker. The game will feature six stages, will feature more than 40 different enemy types and 3D backgrounds. Emphasis is placed on scoring and there are three different game modes: beginner, original and maniac. The technical side is impressive since the game is 1560 megabit (never seen before on this hardware)! Accordingly, we will be entitled to a soundtrack of more than 25 minutes of stereo digitized music. An online ranking system will be established and it will be possible to update the game via an USB connection on the cartridge. Behind this production, we find the German developer NG:DEV.TEAM already responsible for Last Hope on Neo-Geo and Dreamcast consoles. Two versions are announced, one for commercial use and another one for private use. There are already some screenshots on the Fast Striker website. As you can see, it's vertical scrolling on horizontal screen. An ideal way to revive those old MVS cabinets out there.

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be A mobile arcade burns down in Tournai

A mobile arcade burns down in TournaiThis morning around 4:30 am, a mobile arcade located on the Esplanade de l'Europe in Tournai has been ravaged by fire. A living wagon and a caravan were also destroyed. The emergency services of Tournai were dispatched with a pumper, a ladder truck, a tanker truck and a dozen men. Luckily, there are no injuries nor casualities but an investigation was opened. The arcade was part of the 7th International Custom Meeting event.

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uk Race Driver: GRID

Race Driver: GRID The next racing game from Sega Amusements Europe (to whom we owe Sega Rally 3) will be a conversion of Codemasters game Race Driver: GRID. There is still no release date announced, but a beta version running in a Sega Racing Classic cabinet is currently in location test at Bowlplex, Cardiff.

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tw GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2010

GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2010GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2010 will be held from May 2th to 4th at Taipei World Trade Center (Taiwan). Nearly 100 exhibitors will showcase their latest products both gaming as amusement market with arcade games, cranes, ticket games, simulators, bingos and AWP. Many Asian companies will be present: Namco, Sega Taiwan, IGS, InJoy,...

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jp The King of Fighters XIII

The King of Fighters XIIIThe King of Fighters XIII Type X²) will be released in mid-July. Several KOF XIII locations tests have already organized, the last one was held in late March and the next one will take place when the game development reaches 90%. KOF XIII will feature more characters than KOF XII with the long awaited return of the women fighters team with Mai, Yuri and King and also Elizabeth, Mature and other characters not yet revealed. There will be a total of 10 teams of 3 fighters. During Tougeki in September, category C participants will compete on KOF XIII. The game intro video is available on Arcade Belgium Youtube channel.

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us Asteroids record broken

Asteroids record brokenOn Saturday 3rd April, JohnMcAllister played Asteroids at a friend's house near Portland, Oregon. By Monday 5th April, he was still playing! At 10:18 p.m. Pacific, he scored 41,338,740 points, beating the 27 year old record set by 15-year-old Scott Safran who also stayed awake for three days. McAllister's marathon was streamed live over Every few hours, once he had won enough extra lives, McAllister stood up to pace the room and eat a sandwich. A last-minute bathroom break almost cost McAllister the title: he came back when only two ships were remaining before defeat. The high score will be official once recognized by Twin Galaxies.

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