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uk EAG Online 2021 dates announced

EAG Online 2021 dates announcedHere it is! EAG Online 2021 has a date! The virtual trade show will be held on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st April 2021. Originally scheduled for January, it had been postponed to an unspecified date following the entry into lockdown of many European countries. While many establishments will be able to re-open their doors in May, the second half of April seems to be the perfect time to discover the new trends and the latest machines available from the different manufacturers. Each booth will feature graphic presentations and videos, it will of course be possible to talk live with representatives and the traditional webinars will be part of the show. Arcade Belgium will have a booth where you will discover exclusive information and content that will be published only later on our website. You can register now. Don't miss this edition!

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jp Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. 2 XBoost

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. 2 XBoostMobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. 2 XBoost starts operation in Japan today! This new title celebrates the 10th anniversary of the "EXVS." series(X = 10 in Roman numerals). Players can operate 198 mobile suits, the most in the entire series, including new units such as the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex from the 2018 film Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative, the VGMM-Git01 Kabakali from the 2015 series Gundam Reconguista in G, the ASW-G-64 Gundam Flauros from the 2015 series Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS and the GAT-X105B Build Strike Gundam from the 2013 series Gundam Build Fighters. Of the 195 MS already present in the previous version, more than 150 have been renewed in armament and moves. Thanks to the addition of new elements to the combat system, the range of strategies has been greatly expanded, and players can enjoy 2-on-2 team battles. The "EX Burst" system has been renewed. The F(igthing), S(hooting) and M(obility) bursts form Extreme Versus 2 are still available but the E(xtend) and L(inkage) burst are abolished and replaced by the C(overing) burst. The C-burst has the effect of multiplying E-burst and L-burst, which increases the recovery effect of boost and the EX gauge of the partner. Another type of EX burst that will be newly added is "R(aging) burst giving super armor-like effect that makes it harder to stagger when attacked. A new element is added: the "EX Burst Cross" that powers up the effect of the EX Bursts by simultaneous activation with a partner. The effect is different for each EX burst, "Recover durability value on attack hit (R burst)", "Reduce damage received (C burst)", "Recover boost gauge on attack hit (M burst). There are many types of effects that were not found in conventional EX bursts, such as "It becomes difficult for the player to go down (S burst)" and "Extend the EX burst time when an attack hits (F burst)". The effect is based on your own EX burst, and the type of partner's EX burst does not affect it. RedZone, the opening from Crossfaith can also be chosen as BGM in the game. A tweet campaign is running until 21 March. Among those who follow the official Twitter account and retweet the campaign tweet, 100 people will receive a set of clear files with the MS appeared in the key visual!

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us Mojang Studios announces Minecraft Dungeons Arcade

Mojang Studios announces Minecraft Dungeons ArcadeMojang Studios teamed up with Play Mechanix to bring Minecraft Dungeons to arcades. The result is Minecraft Dungeons Arcade that will be released by Raw Thrills. This cooperative 4-player game is played using a joystick and 3 buttons: Melee, Dodge and Range. 9 levels are included, the action being more intense than in the home version. Your weapons, gears, pet and appearance can be changed using physical cards. One card is offered for each game played. At the beginning of the game, each player scans the cards he wants to customize his character. During the game, collecting gems and killing enemies fills a card gauge, when the gauge is full, it activates and you can use it to defeat enemies all around you. There are 60 cards to collect. The game is currently on location test in various arcades throughout North America.

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jp Initial D The Arcade

Initial D The ArcadeSega releases Initial D The Arcade today! Based on the street racing manga Intial D by Shuichi Shinego, Initial D games have always been very popular in Japan. This new version is based on the design of the manga unlike Initial D Arcade Stage Zero which was based on the design of the latest movies. Sega has taken particular care to incorporate the manga graphics into the game: the "manga shader" is applied at key moments of the game, the screen becomes monochrome with a manga effect. In addition, onomatopoeia from the manga such as "gaaaaaa" and "don" are displayed in the corners or when touching the opponent's car. The story mode follows the story of the manga and in the second part, Project D launches into a new region: Tochigi. The great novelty of Initial D The Arcade is the possibility to race with 4 people locally. In terms of gameplay, a change has been made for beginners: a green line showing the best trajectory is displayed on the road. Ideal to improve your driving skills when you're a beginner. The behaviour of the cars is different from Initial D Arcade Stage Zero: when the cars touch each other they push each other away. The game is powered by the Unreal Engine and the BGM is made of eurobeat, the opening is called Scramble Eyes from MOTSU vs A-One. MOSTU who is a former member of MOVE who sang the openings of all Initial D's up to Arcade Stage 8. The cabinet is the same as Initial D Arcade Stage Zero with a new look. Each car owned in Full Spec in Initial D Arcade Stage Zero grants a Full Tune ticket in Initial D The Arcade. Other data such as titles are also transferred. A collaboration with Wangan Midnight, the other popular racing manga/game is also planned: the "Devil Z" Fairlady Z (S30) and the "Blackbird" Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6 (964) will be available. In total, there are 14 car models, including the most popular models of the previous games as well as new ones. Two new races in the Tochigi region are also available: "Maple line" and "Happogahara". An international version of the game is planned with a release in the rest of Asia this Summer and possibly elsewhere later. In any case, the game's menus are already in English. Will we be lucky enough to see it come to Europe? Let's hope so, because it's been more than 10 years since any Initial D arcade game has been officially released in Europe (the last one being Initial D 4 in 2007).

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jp Bandai Namco announces Taiko no Tatsujin: New Asia Version

Bandai Namco announces Taiko no Tatsujin: New Asia VersionDuring JAEPO Online 2021, Bandai Namco announced an international version of Taiko no Tatsujin. By international version, they mean a version for the Asian market. This version is named Taiko no Tatsujin: New Asia Version and it will be released this Spring. As for the last version of Taiko no Tatsujin, it will feature a 120 fps HD monitor providing a clearer and smoother image, a faster monitor response and a more accurate timing. The game will use a new PC board. Taiko no Tatsujin: New Asia Version is mutilingual: English, traditional Chinese and Korean. 10 local songs will be available at the game launch. The player site "Donder Hiroba" will be available for foreign players: they can check their play summary, collect reward with their BANAPASSPORT card,... Bandai Namco also announced that 2021 will be focused on content for existing Taiko fans and 2022 on content for casual players.

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jp Nippon Marathon Turbo Hyper Running

Nippon Marathon Turbo Hyper RunningSan! Ni! Ichi! Hajime!!!, Nippon Marathon, the crazy game from onion soup interactive is coming to exA-Arcadia today! This arcade version faster than the domestic version is called Nippon Marathon Turbo Hyper Running. The goal of the game is to run and avoid all the obstacles, each one crazier than the other (barrels, animals, bicycles,...) as seen in some Japanese TV shows. The story is simple: the Nippon Marathon takes place every year. Thousands of candidates apply to participate in the marathon, but only 100 of them make it through the qualification stage. Competitors run in groups of four and accumulate points as they go along. The dream of each participant is to be at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the gruelling race. All races are original: from busy city streets to village alleys, bustling markets, mountain top shrines, supermarkets and even dangerous sake distilleries!). The arcade version contains 3 exclusive levels. The characters are not to be outdone with their totally crazy look (a lobster-man, a man dressed as a schoolgirl, a girl with a unicorn outfit,...). The handling is very simple, the player controls the character who runs, he can jump, avoid obstacles, dash, throw objects while negotiating perilous passages such as dashing across planks precariously balanced over waterfalls. Nippon Marathon Turbo Hyper Running is the perfect game for family entertainment centres and bars: groups of friends can play up to 4 and laughter is guaranteed. It is also perfect for hardcore arcades to score on the most difficult levels... The game is in Japanese and English and runs in 16:9 HD Widescreen and 4:3 SD CRT. The kit comes with an A1 poster (art by Tatsuya Ishikawa, famous for his work on Numan Athletics and Mach Breakers), 3 instruction sheets and instruction strips (in Japanese and English). You can order your copy from Red Sun Systems.

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jp Sound Voltex Exceed Gear

Sound Voltex Exceed GearKonami Amusement sort Sound Voltex Exceed Gear aujourd'hui. Le jeu tourne dans la nouvelle borne Valkyrie qui utilise un moniteur 120 Hz ainsi qu'un petit écran secondaire et le nouveau système de son Gungnir-R comprenant quatre haut-parleurs à large bande et un woofer de grand diamètre. La borne est équipée d'un panel et d'un écran tactile adaptés aux spécifications e-sports. L'écran tactile de 21,5 pouces permet de rechercher des chansons par titre ou par artiste. De nouvelles fonctions et de nouveaux modes de jeux spécialisés pour l'e-sports sont disponibles : le nouveau jugement "S-CRITICAL" plus précis que le jugement CRITICAL classique, le nouveau mode "Arena Battle" pour s'affronter pour le score total et le nouveau mode "Mega Mix Battle" pour s'affronter dans un format de mega-mix.

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jp Akai Katana EXA Label / Crimson Katana EXA Label

Akai Katana EXA Label / Crimson Katana EXA LabelAfter releasing DODONPACHI TRUE DEATH EXA LABEL last year on exA-Arcadia, Cave continues its momentum with the release of Akai Katana EXA Label / Crimson Katana EXA Label, the definitive version of its horizontal shooter released in 2010 on PCB and 2012 on NESiCAxlive. Thanks to exA-Arcadia technology, the 1 frame input lag offers players the most responsive version of the game compared to 2 frames for the PCB and 5 frames for the NESiCAxLive and Xbox 360 versions. Akai Katana EXA Label features 4 game modes: Original (original 4:3 PCB version with slowdowns and bugs fixed), Climax (Zetsu, Xbox 360 version in 16:9, Slash (Shin, Director's Cut version with an extra stage and the real end boss) and Label EXA mode (best of version that combines the best aspects of all modes and features real-time difficulty adjustments). In addition, an Ultimate difficulty mode for all game modes is selectable on the character selection screen. The original mode is playable in 4:3, all other modes are 16:9 on 16:9 HD displays and 4:3 on 4:3 31khz CRT monitors. It supports resolutions from 640x480 to 3840x2160. The visuals are now in 4K and the original and arranged soundtracks have been remastered in HD stereo and a new FM arranged soundtrack by Ryu Umemoto et Keishi Yonao is available. Akai Katana EXA Label is available as a standard kit from Red Sun Systems. It contains a reversible A1 bilingual (English/Japanese) poster, a standard bilingual (English/Japanese) artset (marquee, instruction strip and manual) and a Vewlix artset (marquee, bezel stickers, instruction strip in Japanese).

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jp Bandai announces Mobile Suit Gundam Arsenal Base

Bandai announces Mobile Suit Gundam Arsenal BaseThe Bandai Card Division has released a teaser site for the new arcade card game Mobile Suit Gundam Arsenal Base which is scheduled to start operations in 2021. A teaser visual using the Strike Gundam standing in a dark hangar and a silhouette photo of the game housing that seems to be a new model are posted. The game genre is "real-time strategy type full-scale arcade card game" and the details of the game will be released in early March.

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CHUNITHM PARADISECHUNITHM PARADISE starts operation in Japan today. This is the latest version of Sega's music game and it adds a lot of new songs in POPS & ANIME, niconico, Touhou Project and Irodori Midori categories. Many gorgeous collaborations will be soon available.

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