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MonopolyMonopoly is back to arcades as a new video redemption from a partnership between ICE, PlayMechanix and Raw Thrills (the team behind the redemptions Doodle Jump Arcade, Deal Or No Deal, Frogger, Ice Age: Ice Breaker and Wheel of Fortune). In this carefully designed game, the player turns a small wheel to roll the dice and move his piece on the board. The goal is to collect hotels and reach the Monopoly and Broadwalk bonuses. Players turn the dial to roll the dice and move their piece on the board. The goal is to collect as many hotels as possible and reach the Monopoly and Broadwalk bonuses. The cabinet is equipped with a 42" LCD screen showing the progress of the game. A presentation video is available on YouTube. This game is distributed in Europe by Sega Amusements. No doubt this machine will be showcased at the Euro Attractions Show 2013 that will be held in Paris from 18 to 20 September.

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jp Persona 4 The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena sequel on location test

Persona 4 The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena sequel on location testPersona 4 The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena sequel is on location test at Hey Akihabara and at Taito Station Nihonbashi (Osaka) from today until August 21. Two new characters from Persona 3 have been added: Yukari Takeba (which uses quick bow attacks) and Junpei Iori (which uses powerful attacks with a stick). All characters have two configuration types now: Normal and Shadow. Skills are different depending on the selected type and appearance of the character in Shadow mode is scary... The gameplay is more sophisticated and versatile than in the first episode. The old characters have new skills and their old ones have been revised. They have also a greater range in their movements.

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jp Ikaruga for NESiCAxLive

Ikaruga for NESiCAxLiveIkagura needs no further introduction, this shoot'em up released in the early 2000 (2001 on NAOMI, 2002 on Dreamcast and 2003 on GameCube) was very appreciated by the players. It was re-released through Xbox Live Arcade in 2008. A new arcade version is out today: Ikaruga for NESiCaxLive. Treasure offers an HD version of the game but the screen is placed horizontally, (stripes are added on to each side) unlike NAOMI version that featured a vertically screen. This NESiCA version features 3 buttons instead of 2 buttons of NAOMI game. The third button triggers the laser shot directly. Three game modes are available: Arcade mode (classic), Chapter Select mode (with no continue) and Prototype mode in which the laser gauge is replaced by an ammunition counter. Once the counter drops to zero, it's necessary to absorb enemy fire to fill it again. There are three difficulty modes: Easay, Normal and Hard A ranking is available on the website of Ikaruga. When two people play together, the score is common, it is necessary for them to collaborate.

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jp Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AA X Summer update

Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AA X  Summer updateThis Summer, Initial D is in the spotlight with the release of the manga's final volume in Japan, the announcement of the Final Stage and an animated movie for 2014 and an update of Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AA X. From today two new "complete cars" are available: the MazdaSpeed Roadster C-Spec and the Amuse S2000 GT1. Futhermore, the challenge is enhanced with the appearance of a new "X-Class" above the SSS rank. And finally, new accessories for avatars are available to get a "Summer" look! August events have also been announced. The "Eight-Five" & "Eight-Six" festival will be held on August 5 and 6 on Happogahara course. From 15 to 19, players will be able to get "Fastest & Strongest" title by participating in the "Irohazaka World Championship" and finally from 28 to 29, the 2nd "Complete Car Challenge" will be held in Akina.

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jp Do Not Fall - Run For Your Drink

Do Not Fall - Run For Your DrinkDo Not Fall - Run For Your Drink is a platform game released by Taiwanese company XPEC Entertainment on PC and PlayStation Store this year. The arcade version was released via NESiCAxLive yesterday. In this adventure game, the player plays Pipi, a rabbit who lives inside a drink vending machine. He must gather the ingredients to produce the beverages of the vending machine. But he has to walk on platforms that disappear after his passage. Many traps are also scattered through the levels. There are 7 available worlds but others can be unlocked as well as new characters. A multiplayer mode with mini-games for up to 4 players is also available.

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jp Mario Kart Arcade GP DX

Mario Kart Arcade GP DXThe most anticipated summer arcade game is released today in Japan. It's of course Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, the third episode of the series. This Bandai Namco title features the bases that made the success of the first two games but it also adds a lot of new features. First of all, two new game modes: Ghost Battle Mode and Team Co-op Mode. The first one is an online mode where players will be able to confront ghosts of other players from all over the country. In Team Co-op Mode, two players team against the CPU. They can merge their kart: one of the two drives and the other uses the attacks. Flying and diving karts are now available. Don-chan, one of the two Taiko No Tatsujin drums, joins the line-up of characters. A Taiko No Tatsujin themed track has also been added and ten of the existing courses have been redesigned. One hundred objects are already available and others will be added via updates. Note that there is no more Time Attack mode and it's not possible to use data from the old Mario Kart games. Watch the game trailer on our youtube channel.

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jp Star Horse 3 Season II - Blaze of Glory

Star Horse 3 Season II - Blaze of GloryStar Horse 3 is very popular since its release in November 2011, its sequel is released today: Star Horse 3 Season II - Blaze of Glory. This update adds a new race program "European Triple Crown" and enhances the "Dart line". In Memorial Race mode, the player receives medals when he wins. With these medals, he can unlock special items and wallpapers. The new "Prime Cup" has been added: it takes place over a week and the final is simultaneously nationwide relayed! Players who use their Aime card or their Bana Passport will be able to recover some data from Star Horse 3 Season I.

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jp StarBoat Progress

StarBoat ProgressStarBoat Progress, the sequel of StarBoat released in November 2011, will be available tomorrow. The game has be improved. There are new courses: "Championship of the sea", "Art League",... New competitors have also added some of them are women. Players can also race against new characters of Monkey Turn, Katsutoshi Kawai's manga. The website allows players to wil cards of real racers, get quests to perform according to the schedule of actual boat races and get unique items.

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jp Capcom announces Ultra Street Fighter IV

Capcom announces Ultra Street Fighter IVDuring EVO 2013, Capcom announced a new version of Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition for next year. Capcom promises a whole new game, hence a new name: Ultra Street Fighter IV. The main new feature is the 5 new characters. Four have already been unveiled: Poison, Hugo, Elena and Rolento and the fifth one will be a character never seen in a Street Fighter game. The game will be rebalanced thanks to feedback from players around the world including pro gamers. The development team worked on decreasing the gap between the higher and the lower characters. They also announced new combos and new features. Ultra Street Fighter IV will be on location test this Summer and will be distributed via NESiCAxLive.

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jp Code of Joker

Code of JokerAnnounced at the JAEPO in February, Sega's Code of Joker is available in Japanese arcades since yesterday. Just like in Square Enix's Lord of Vermilion, the player fights through trading cards. The game is played in turns, the player alternates attacking phases and defence phases. He can use different type of units such as warrior, monster, genius, devil, angel, machine, hero... "Trigger" and "Intercept" card with various effects can be used at certain times. The 7 game characters (Jin, Ayaka, Kouhei, Navy, Gunji, Saya and Tokiyo) have respectively a Joker card from the tarot (death, justice, star, magician, chariot, moon and emperor). These cards have a special effect each such as inflicting damage to all enemy units, regain control from the opponent, randomly destroy two enemy units, ... The game is played 1vs1, and the match can be local or online. Code of Joker's opening was directed by the famous Production I.G studio (Ghost in the Shell, xxxHolic, Robotics;Note...). Players can register at COJ-AgentLabo to access deck edition and statistics via internet. Code of Joker runs on RingEdge 2.

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