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jp Cave announces DoDonPachi Saidaioujou

Cave announces  DoDonPachi SaidaioujouSome days ago, Cave announced a new title in the DoDonPachi vertical shoot'em up series but without specifying on which platform(s) it would be released. Today, a location test is announced, so DoDonPachi Saidaioujou is an arcade game... The location test will be held at Hey Akihabara from February 3 to 5. Cave has not unveiled much information about its new game except that DoDonPachi Saidaioujou will retain gameplay of previous DoDonPachi games while adding some innovations such as the mysterious "Dress System". It will also be more "stylish" than past DoDonPachi. Music will be composed by Manabu Namiki (DoDonPachi and Death Smiles) and characters will be designed by Ryou Nagi (Steel Chronicle). DoDonPachi Saidaioujou should be released this Spring.

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jp Lord of Vermilion Re:2 ~ Sorrows

Lord of Vermilion Re:2 ~ SorrowsLord of Vermilion Re:2 ~ Sorrows, the new Lord of Vermilion Re:2 update is out today. Square Enix added many new pets with this version. As usual, the new character illustrations are beautiful. Among the new pets, some comes from popular games and animes in Japan: Nier Gestalt and Nier Replicant games from Cavia, Witch on the Holy Night visual novel from Type-Moon and BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER anime.

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jp Sound Voltex Booth

Sound Voltex BoothKonami releases its new game in BEMANI series today: SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH. This music game uses a control panel featuring two rows of buttons: four white buttons on the top represent short white notes and two green buttons on the bottom represent long green notes. In addition, there is an effector nob on each side, a blue on the left and red on the right. The player must press and hold buttons in rhythm corresponding to the notes that scroll down on the screen. When a blue or red line appears across the screen, the player must turn the effector nob which color matches the color of the line (blue for left and red for right). At the end of the song, the "effector rate" lifebar must be at least 70% to clear the stage. Many songs are remixes of popular BEMANI titles. SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH is of course compatible with the e-AMUSEMENT PASS and an online ranking is available on the website.

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be eLive/Arena TV report

eLive/Arena TV reportAttention, unusually, there is arcade on TV tonight! As part of its "Week of the Video Game" programme, Belgian TV channel La Deux will broadcast a report on Brussels arcade "eLive/Arena". It will be tonight at 11:35 pm CET. You can have a glimpse of the place by watching Ken Bogard's video on YouTube: So be sure to tune in tonight!

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uk EAG International 2012

EAG International 2012The 2012 edition of EAG International, the largest European trade show dedicated to Amusement will be held in London next week. Like every year, it is the opportunity to discover the latest arcade video games and redemption machines. The big manufacturers are once again at the rendez-vous; At Sega Amusements, one will find among other Let's Go Island 3D, Operation G.H.O.S.T. (Ghost Squad sequel), Virtua Tennis 4 (4 player cabinet), the Mini Rider 3D simulator and Bejeweled (arcade version of the famous puzzle game) and Ice Age Ice Breaker (from ICE) redemptions. At Bandai Namco Games, the highlight of the show will be Deadstorm Pirates 3D Theatre, there will be a new Pac-Man product and the American game ReRave, the rest of the line up is kept secret, but we can be quite sure that the latest Raw Thrills games will be showcased (including Dirty Drivin'). Electrocoin will offer special show price on all products including Taito's Real Puncher (Sonic Blast Heroes), Konami's DanceDanceRevolution X2 and truck racing game Power Truck. There is no doubt that there will be many other surprises. EAG is also known for its great seminars with speakers such as Michael Getlan (on redemption and how to manage difficult customers), Frank Seninsky (design and develop a gaming area in 10 points, and successfully set up self-redemption for street operators) and Leslie Macleod-Miller (on changes in future legislation). EAG International will be held at ExCeL London on 24, 25 and 26 January. To visit the show (professionals only), you can register on the website or at the show entrance on the day of the event. Like every year, we will publish a full picture report of the show.

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jp Square Enix presents Gunslinger Stratos

Square Enix presents Gunslinger Stratos  As announced on December 16, Square Enix has unveiled its new game today: Gunslinger Stratos. This is an "Online Multiplayer Game Fight Double Action Gun." Players use a "double gun device", a controller that can be separated into two guns or combined into one. Many weapons will be available in the game as a flamethrower, barrier shield to protect allies, ... The weapons can be purchased via a points system and saved on a NESiCA card. The game supports online game and up to eight players that can play 4vs4. Solo missions and co-op missions will be also available. The cabinet features a 60" plasma screen and runs in 60 FPS. Gunslinger Stratos is developed by Square Enix and Byking (Gundam Extreme VS.). It is produced by Nobuki Kadoya (Lord of Vermillion) from Square Enix and directed by Shinichiro Obata, founder of Byking and former designer from Capcom who worked on Street Fighter and Vampire Savior. We also find character designers Mari Shimazaki (Bayonetta, Okami), Shigeto Koyama (Heroman) and Arco Wada (Fate/Extra) behind the graphics. Gen Urobuchi (Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero) worked on the "world concept" of the game that takes place in real environments such as Shibuya.

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de Arcade Game Box

Arcade Game BoxProject-Firestorm is a team of German developers who create Dreamcast games in their spare time. Their next title is the Time Hunter shoot'em up. The subject today is one of their other projects: the Arcade Game Box. The Arcade Game Box is a universal case for storing all arcade games in cartridge format. On the form, it looks like a Neo-Geo Snapcase, only a little bigger. Inside the box is a removable sponge inlay with a hole carved in the shape and dimensions of the cartridge. For now, there are formats for MVS, PGM and Atomiswave games. But Project-Firestorm released images of boxes welcoming Naomi and ST-V cartridges, Naomi GD-ROMs and even a Type X hard disk fitted in its metal cover. The outer side features the space for an A3-sized cover. The first Arcade Game Boxes should be available by mid-March, it will cost € 9.95 a unit. This is an excellent initiative that will delight collectors and organized people.

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be Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year 2012!Here's January 1st, 2012! A new year that we wish you full of joy. Because of the tsunami tragedy in March, many Japanese release were delayed but in the end, many quality games have emerged such as the highly anticipated Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA and many BEMANI titles (BEMANI (GuitarFreaks & Drummania V8/XG2, pop'n music 20, Hello! pop'n music, DanceDanceRevolution X3, Reflec Beat limelight, beatmania IIDX 19, jubeat knit APPEND). Fighting game fans were pampered with the release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012, Dragon Ball Battle Royale, Aquapazza, Chaos Code, Persona 4, etc... Most of these titles are released in Japan only, but European players got new games too, such as Dead Heat, Pac-Man Battle Royale, Big Buck World, Fast & Furious Super Cars, Super Bikes 2, GRID, Let's Go Island, Sega Golden Gun and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Arcade to name a few. Taito policy is to be welcomed since they released BlazBlue Continuum Shift II and Darius Burst Another Chronicle in our area and other titles will follow in 2012! 2011 was marked by the closure of the famous Funland in London but fortunately also the opening of several arcades in the West. In Belgium, Brussels is the city where most thing happened with the creation of a temple of profighting: the eLive/Arena. For our part, the success of Arcade Belgium stand at Made in Asia 3 show in Brussels shows that there is an audience for real arcade games. We will of course take part to Made In Asia 4! Also note our return on Liège funfair with the Terminator Salvation tournament which brought a little warmth in the heart of winter, an experience to repeat!

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jp Winning Eleven Arcade Championship 2012

Winning Eleven Arcade Championship 2012While Winning Eleven 2012 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2012) pleases home console players since last September, Konami releases the arcade version today: Winning Eleven Arcade Championship 2012. The cabinet features a a 32" wide screen that provides a larger view of the field and the opponents that allows a more strategic game. Winning Eleven Arcade Championship 2012 uses Konami's e-Amusement and Paseli services. Players can compete throughout Japan and national score rankings can be found on the e-Amusement Gate platform. A conversion kit is available and there's also a PS3 control panel kit to attract home console version fans.

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jp Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4

 Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4Namco Bandai released Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 today. This fourth episode introduces new races, new cars (including Nissan Skyline coupé, Subaru Legacy B4 and Mazda Savanna RX-7). Other cars and other races will be added via net updates and nation wide championships will be organized through the Internet. Background musics have also been renewed but are always composed by Koshiro Yuzo (Streets of Rage, Shenmue,...). The cabinet features a 6-speed H shaped shifter, a 32" LCD monitor and a 4.1 surround sound system. An external terminal is available to players so they can tune their car quietly. Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 uses Bana Passport but players can transfer data from their Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX Plus card.

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