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us Pac-Man Battle Royale out in the USA

Pac-Man Battle Royale out in the USATo celebrate Pac-Man's 30th Birthday in 2010, Namco America has organized a series of events: a website, mobile games, an interactive Google logo, goodies, and especially the announcement of a new arcade game: Pac-Man Battle Royale. At Amusement Expo 2010, Namco America unveiled the game to the public. Then, Pac-Man Battle Royale was presented at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles before more than 45,000 visitors and stole the spotlight from the games console ... Pac-Man Battle Royale is the first Pac-Man arcade game to be playable up to 4 players in a competitive mode. The original concept was revised: now, to win the game, the player must eat the other to eliminate them and being the last survivor (so the title). When a player eats a power-up, his size is doubled and his speed increases. Once powered up, he is able to eat the other competitors and ghosts. Two Pac-Man of the the same size will just bounce off each other. Ghosts are also dangerous becaue they can eat Pac-Man. Eat a fruit or every power-up reset the maze with a set of new power-up. At the end of the game, statistics such as "Most Rounds Won" and "Ate Most Pac-Man" are displayed for each player. Pac-Man Battle Royale is available today in the U.S. To get the latest info about the game, visit the official Facebook page.

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uk EAG 2011 video games

EAG 2011 video gamesEAG 2011 starts in 4 days, many people consider video games as the weakest link of the Amusement industry. However, many new titles will be showcased at the show, here are some of them: Bandai Namco Games: Dead Heat (racing game with PIN code and social features), Pac-Man's Arcade Party, Pac-Man Battle Royale - Injoy Motion: Dido Kart (MDX-4), Power Boat GT (deluxe), Top Gunner - Rassen: Vulcan M (final version), Raw Thrills: Big Buck World, Fast & Furious Super Cars, Super Bikes 2 - Sega: GRID, Let's Go Island, Sega Golden Gun, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Arcade (racing game with illuminated seats and ticket dispenser, up to 8 players), Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz - Taito: Elevator Action Death Parade. Not to be missed: a seminary by Frank Seninsky (president of Alpha Omega group, former AMOA president) about the key rules of redemption and how the layout and design of a gaming space is critical to its success (number of needed games and space, estimate revenue, cash or tokens, ...). Of course, the show doesn't stop there, it's the chance to discover all the latest products in redemption and gaming. So all operators are encouraged to go to ExCeL London on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday! If you can't attend, our annual report will provide a detailed analysis a few days after the end of the show.

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us New Frogger game

New Frogger gameA brand new Frogger game was just released! Developed by Raw Thrills and Konami, this game retains the gameplay of the 1981 original version enhanced with beautiful 3D rendered graphics. ICE took care of the cabinet design and manufacture, equipping it with a 42" LCD screen, a 2 player control panel and a ticket dispenser. Number of granted tickets depends on how far you get. Location tests held for 6 months show that this is one of the highest earning redemption game of all times. No doubt the popularity of the license and the addictive concept of the game are decisive factors! First machines started shipping on January 14th.

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jp Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade version A

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade version ASince its release last June, Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade is regularly updated by Sega: 3 revisions are already out each bringing new songs and new costumes. Today, it's a new version that comes out: Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade Version A. More than a simple update, this version introduces 2 new modes: DUO mode (highly anticipated by fans) and Contest mode. New songs are also added and the playlist has been revised so that more titles appear on the screen which makes the choice easier. To upgrade to this version A, operators must already have installed revision 3 on their machine. Futhermore, Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade Version A is compatible with Aime card (phone card which also serves for electronic payment) from NTT DoCoMo.

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us Pump It Up FIESTA EX

Pump It Up FIESTA EXDuring IAAPA Attractions Expo, Andamiro unveiled its new Pump It Up FIESTA EX model. The game was showcased in a new designed cabinet featuring a 50" widescreen 50 (improving resolution and refresh rate) and an improved response and solid dance pads. To maximize audio performances, Andamiro R&D team integrated two high quality subwoofers and four tweeters. Andamiro has also implemented a synchronization program that coordinates LED lighting and rhythmic frequencies to produce beautiful rhythmic effects during a game. Pump It Up FIESTA EX offers about 350 songs (most in the history of Pump It Up) and more than 2,000 step charts.

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uk James Anderson joins Namco Europe

James Anderson joins Namco EuropeAfter many years as Product Planning Manager at Konami Digital Entertainment, James Anderson joins the new Namco Europe Prize Division where it will be employed as European Sales Manager. Konami products inquiries must now be sent to their European representative Electrocoin. James Anderson declared: "I am thrilled to join Namco's Prize Division and to be part of a team that is focused on developing, designing and delivering great products for the EMEA and CIS markets. It is a fantastic opportunity for me coming into a company that already has a catalogue of strong products and the timing coming shortly before EAG gives me an excellent opportunity to meet with customers and introduce what is without doubt an inspired product line.". New Bandai Namco Prize Division is backed with an investment of several million dollars. First exclusive licences secured for Europe include characters from British animation series Shaun the Sheep (from the creator of Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run) and its spin-off, Timmy Time. But also American cartoon Ben 10 and of course Pac-Man! Other licences will be unveiled at EAG show in London next month.

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jp pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET

pop'n music 19 TUNE STREETpop'n music licence succes does not weaken in Japan: this is already the 19th episode! The principle is always the same: hit the buttons in rhythm with the music. However, each new game is based on a theme for this Tune Street, Konami has chosen the theme of the city. New cabinet is already available since December 09 but the game is officially released today as upgrade kits. pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET is of course compatible with the new payment system Paseli and is equipped with a card vendor The cards reprensent characters from the series. The cabinet features a widescreen LCD monitor, a new sound system with woofers and 2 tweeters and a card reader.

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jp Metal Gear Arcade

Metal Gear ArcadeAnnounced since 2009, Metal Gear Arcade is finally available. Metal Gear Arcade, developed by Kojima Productions team is an adaptation of Metal Gear Online released on PS3. With this title, Konami introduces a new way to play through stereoscopique 3D glasses "shutter glasses" equipped with sensors allowing on screen character to follow player head movement (head tracking) associated with a rifle assault also fitted with sensors, a small stick for moving forward/backward and various buttons to shoot, reload, lock on enemy, crouch and roll. In order to further enhance immersion, cabinets are networked nationwide and feature a 5.1 surround sound system, convenient for integrated voice chat. Eight players can compete simultaneously in different modes: "mission" mode (including 7 selectable stages), "Grenada Carnival" mode (a deathmatch where player throw grenades at opponents), ... By the way, the game can also be played in 2D, 3D may be disabled. The player begins his "career" as a simple soldier, but he can rise in rank. Winning a match grants him tickets allowing him to buy weapons and equipment. The game has over 80 customizable weapons.

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jp Anpanman Taiko de Dondon

Anpanman Taiko de DondonAnpanman Taiko de Dondon is out today in Japan, as Taiko no Tatsujin also developed by Bandai Namco, this is a drumming game but dedicated to young players. The cabinet is indeed much smaller and the game is more simple, it features 2 modes: "Story Game" and "Anpanman March". Anpanman is a character created in 1969 by Takeshi Yanase, an author of children's stories. Anpanman whose head is in fact a bun (anpan) filled with anko (sweet red bean paste) is used to sacrifice himself to feed hungry people. This character is still very popular in Japan, his animated serie (Sore ike! Anpanman) broadcasts since 1988 without interruption on NTV and many other merchandising products are sold in Japan.

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jp Darius Burst - Another Chronicle

Darius Burst - Another ChronicleThirteen years after G-Darius, the last episode of the Darius series released in arcade, Taito pleases his fans by releasing Darius Burst - Another Chronicle (Type X²) today. The recipe that made the success of Darius is still the same: horizontal scrolling, music by Zuntata and big futuristic fish bosses. The cabinet features 2 large (32") LCD screens displaying a panoramic view of the levels allowing for the first time 4 players to sit at the same cabinet to play together. The cabinet is also equipped with a surround system and subwoofers (fitted in the seats), each player can plug headphones in the featured headphone jacks. The game supports the NESYS system (which allows online play throughout Japan and ranking checking using PC or mobile phone). Darius Burst - Another Chronicle is quite similar to Darius Burst released on PSP but brings many improvements: significantly enhanced graphics, a new ship called Formula, new sound effects, changes in stages configurations and enemy attack patterns, the ability to change the direction of the ship and a new "Chronicle" game mode featuring 12 areas each divided into 3 stages. Four ships are available: "Origin" (Silver Hawk), "Legend" (Silver Hawk-1 Burst Type-1), "Next" (Silver Hawk Burst Type-2) and "Formula" (Silver Hawk Burst Type-3).

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