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Cosmic Bowling (Fléron)
Cosmic Bowling (Fléron)

* Type
Bowling / Bar / Café

* Where
Rue François Lapierre 7
4620 Fléron

* Contact
Tel: 04/358 33 33
Fax: 04/358 70 95

* Games
Alpha Mission II 2P 1991 SNK [Neo-Geo MVS] Link
GTI Club - Rally Cote d'Azur (Twin) 2P 1996 Konami [Power PC] Link
Lucky & Wild 2P 1992 Namco [System 2] Link
Puzzle Bobble 2P 1994 Taito [Neo-Geo MVS] Link
Samurai Shodown II 2P 1994 SNK [Neo-Geo MVS] Link
Smashing Drive NYC-IIxM (2P Link-up) 2P 2000 Gaelco [Gaelco 3D] Link
World Heroes 2P 1992 Alpha Denshi [Neo-Geo MVS] Link

Contributed by Pascal & Macklane.


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Go! Go! Nippon! 2016 Deluxe

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