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Heat it up baby! Wow, these things bite!
A little kiss? Aliens aren't your sole enemies...

After Konami, Sega and Capcom, it's Global VR's turn to work with the Aliens licence. To help them in their task, they called developers at Play Mechanix (Invasion: The Abductors, Big Buck Hunter), a studio founded by George Petro in 1995. This former Midway employee leaded development of successful titles Teminator 2 and Revolution X. Aliens: Extermination is a shooting game which story occurs years after the Aliens movie events when space marines go back to LV-426 to exterminate the last creatures who might remain. Meanwhile, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation has set up laboratories in the complex to conceive new biologic weapons. They also created a cyborg army to protect their researches and destroy anybody who would interfere. It doesn't seem to be a piece of cake anymore... Fortunately, your arsenal seems to be up to par since you can use a M41-A pulse rifle, a flamethrower, grenades and a missile launcher as well as numerous power ups like medikits or ammunitions. 2 players gaming is of course possible and encouraged to run through the 4 levels. You can travel through these one in the right order by selecting the "story" mode or replay your favourite level by choosing the "chapter" mode. The guns are attached to the cabinet which edges are lighten in green.

* General information:
Title: Aliens Extermination
Genre: Lightgun shooter
Developer: Play Mechanix
Manufacturer: Global VR
Distributor: Namusco (Belgium)
Release date: beginning 2007 (forecast)
System: PC
Format: standard and deluxe cabinets
Players number: up to 2 players
Links: Official website

* Cabinet data:
Type: standard
Capacity: 2 players
Screen: 29" 4/3 SVGA
Measurements: width= 92cm, depth= 143cm, height= 204cm
Weight: 205 Kg

Type: deluxe
Capacity: 2 players
Screen: 42" 16/9 LCD
Measurements: width= 102cm, depth= 148cm, height= 209cm
Weight: 216 Kg

Standard version

Aliens Extermination side A

Aliens Extermination side B

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