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Wasteland Racers 2071

* General information:
Title: Wasteland Racers 2071
Genre: Racing
Developer: Triotech
Manufacturer: Triotech
Distributor: Avranches Automatic (France)
Release date: 2005 (deluxe), October 2006 (standard)
System: PC
Format: standard, deluxe
Number of players: up to 8 players (link-up)
Links: /

* Cabinet data:
Type: standard
Capacity: 1 player
Screen: 27"
Measurements: width= 76cm, depth= 172cm, height= 200cm
Weight: 272 Kg

Type: deluxe
Capacity: 1 player
Screen: 52" (16/9)
Measurements: width= 132cm, depth= 240cm, height= 260cm
Weight: 363 Kg

Wasteland Racers 2071 side A

Wasteland Racers 2071 side B

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