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Global VR is developing a racing game based on Electronic Arts' NASCAR (american stock car) series. Global VR ensures to have gathered a team of developers who are enthusiast gamers as well as NASCAR fans. They promise an unmatched realism thanks to state-of-the-art graphics, artificial intelligence and physics engines. You'll be able to play today's best pilots like Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson, drive the official cars on tracks including Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Daytona! Hopefully the high-speed "in-your-face" sensation will be there too!

- May 8th 2007: Californian's first public tests of "EA SPORTS NASCAR Racing" (final title) exceeeded all expectations with players waiting in line to try it. Development is ahead schedule so Global VR will soon announce a release date. Since this game profit of official licenses, you'll be able to race agains't 30 real drivers in 30 different cars. Talladega and The Brickyard are listed among the featured circuits.

* General information:
Title: NASCAR Racing
Genre: Courses de voitures
Developer: EA Sports
Manufacturer: Global VR
Distributor: Cosmic Video Amusements (UK)
Release date: 2008
System: PC
Format: standard, deluxe et motion deluxe cabinets
Number of players: at least 2 players (link-up)
Links: Official website

* Cabinet data:
Type: standard
Capacity: 1 player
Screen: 32" LCD HD monitor
Measurements: width= 76cm, depth= 163cm, height= 183cm
Weight: 216 Kg

Type: deluxe
Capacity: 1 player
Screen: 42" LCD HD monitor
Measurements: width= 104cm, depth= 188cm, height= 200cm
Weight: 263 Kg

Type: motion deluxe
Capacity: 1 player
Screen: 57" HD monitor
Measurements: width= 137cm, depth= 287cm, height= 224cm
Weight: 523 Kg

NASCAR Racing standard cabinet

NASCAR Racing deluxe cabinet

NASCAR Racing motion cabinet


NASCAR Racing brochure A

NASCAR Racing brochure B

NASCAR Racing brochure C

NASCAR Racing brochure D

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