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Made In Asia 3

Made In Asia 3

Made In Asia is a show dedicated to Asian culture and leisure held at Brussels Expo each year. Programme: martial arts, cooking, origami, traditional games, bonsai cultivation, cosplay, karaoke, anime screenings, video game consoles, manga, figurines and clothing shops, ... In previous editions, an important aspect of Japanese culture was not represented: arcade games. This year the doubled exhibition area allowed organizers to fill this gap.

Made In Asia 3Made In Asia 3

Made In Asia 3 (March 18-20, 2011) occupied the entire Hall 8 and the Patio for a total area of 10,200 sqm. The Creativa was taking place simultaneously in Hall 4. The entrance ticket for any of the two shows gave access to both.

Made In Asia 3Made In Asia 3

So we were exhibiting there with a booth of 24m in length on which we placed 19 arcade cabinets. Several game genres were represented: fighting, shooting, racing, shoot'em up, sport and puzzle.

Made In Asia 3Made In Asia 3

Made In Asia 3Made In Asia 3

* Hyper Street Fighter II tournament

Made In Asia 3Made In Asia 3

On Saturday, an Hyper Street Fighter II tournament was held with many prizes to win provided by Made In Asia, PlayerOne and Arcade Belgium. Organization of the tournament was handled by our friends at Player. Iori won the tournament in style.

Hyper Street Fighter II Tournament @ Made In Asia 3

* BlazBlue Continuum Shift tournament

Made In Asia 3

On Sunday, it was the turn of BlazBlue Continuum Shift and the chance to see the best fighters compete.

Made In Asia 3

Nomax and Esash give the first prize to Nstalkie, a very experienced player.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Tournament @ Made In Asia 3

Made In Asia 3Made In Asia 3

Made In Asia 3Made In Asia 3

Made In Asia 3

Watsuki Nobuhiro, author of Rurōni Kenshin, attended the show. He loves arcade fighting games.

Made In Asia 3

Our neighbours of DDR Belgium had a great success with a Japanese DanceDanceRevolution Extreme machine.

* Games

Our stand was full packed the whole weekend with all games being played without interruption. Saturday was the busiest day with queues of people in front of each machine. This proves that arcade games are still very popular not only to nostalgic people but also to the younger generation. To our surprise, many visitors had never had the chance to touch a joystick before (we feel old). Note that Made In Asia 3 has attracted more than 16,000 visitors, which confirms its growing success.

Text / pictures: Sophie & Nomax.
All rights reserved.

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